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New Mover Welcome Package Offers Benefits for Local Businesses and New Residents

New Mover Welcome Package

Our Town America’s New Mover Welcome Package is a great opportunity for businesses to help reduce stress facing new residents who are busy unpacking boxes, starting new jobs, and navigating their way around an unfamiliar neighborhood. Moving ranks up with divorce and death as one of the most stressful life events for Americans, according to The American Institute of Stress, a non-profit established in 1978 to serve as a clearinghouse for information on stress. Stress is the body’s natural way of responding to danger or threat. While everyone experiences stress, long-term stress can be detrimental to the body’s health. High-stress levels can contribute to serious health problems, like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other illnesses, including mental disorders such as depression or anxiety, according to Cleveland Clinic. The most stressful life events are death of a loved one, divorce, moving, major illness, and job loss. “Our Town America understands moving is a stressful experience,” said Michael Plummer Jr., president of Our Town America. “Our Welcome Packages help customers navigate their new neighborhoods and provides them with heartfelt free offers from local businesses.” Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large corporation, it’s important to meet your marketing objectives while staying within your advertising budget. Our Town America’s New Mover Marketing program puts businesses in front of new residents to help alleviate some of the stress of the moving process. For more than 48 years, Our Town America has greeted new residents with a Welcome Package filled with hand-selected, proven offers inviting them to try products and services from local businesses. The Welcome Package has brought millions of new, loyal customers to thousands of local businesses across the nation. It helps local businesses gain new customers before they have a chance to establish loyalties with competitors.   Welcome Package Weeds Out Competition Our Town America makes it a priority to partner with only one of each type of business in any specific ZIP code to help lock out the competition and give their partnered businesses an advantage – after all, these are the businesses that also see the importance of making newcomers feel welcome. Businesses can opt to send a custom-designed, full-color postcard out to customers who redeem their gift certificate as a customer service bonus. That secondary mailing can be a simple ‘thank you’ or can present the new customer with another offer.   Tracking Tools Show Stellar Results Our Town America built TruTrak® to help businesses see the results of their welcome efforts. The TruTrak® mobile app allows businesses to track their return on investment and gather detailed demographic data. The app also enables businesses to validate and scan redemptions at point of sale, or when convenient for the business owner/ designated scanning employee. The app also ensures businesses follow through on customer service tools by giving them the opportunity to trigger a ‘thank-you’ mailing to customers who redeem their gift certificate. TruTrak® helps businesses see real-time results by comparing the certificates scanned with the total number of mailings sent to help determine if an offer is successful.   Target Big Spenders Each month, Our Town America prints over one million personalized gift certificates and welcomes more than 500,000 new residents to local businesses in their community. Up to 20 percent of the U.S. population moves each year, providing businesses with a rotating slate of new customers. In addition, new movers spend more money because they have no established habits or loyalties. Moving requires heavy lifting, and customers are willing to open their wallets to help reduce stress and make their house a home. Buyers of new, single-family homes tend to spend on average $7,400 more during the first two years in the home than a similar homeowner who does not move, including $4,900 in the first year after purchase, according to the National Association of Home Builders.   Current Events Add New Layer of Anxiety to Moving Recent social distancing guidelines are adding to the stress of moving. The American Moving and Storage Association recommends movers regularly check resources like the Centers for Disease Control, to stay up-to-date on the latest news and guidelines. AMSA advises movers to get virtual estimates, purchase new moving boxes and tape, and deep clean their new home before unpacking. Adjusting to a new residence during this time can be challenging. The New Mover Welcome Package gives new residents an opportunity to support local businesses in their community. New Mover Marketing programs offer stress relief while customers are busy arranging furniture, hanging pictures, and stripping wallpaper. Learn more about how Our Town America can help you add customers and grow your business today. Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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