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New Mover Marketing, Serving the Des Moines area.

Reach Des Moines  area households every month.

Our new mover marketing program puts your local business in front of new customers looking for you!

Central Iowa and the greater Des Moines area are seeing some of the most significant growth rates in the entire U.S. Two metro area cities, Ankeny and Waukee, consistently rank in near the top of the Census Bureau's list of fastest growing communities. Des Moines is home to one of the best Farmer's Markets in the country held every Saturday morning as well as the world famous Iowa State Fair. Well known as an Insurance and Financial hot spot, Des Moines is home to companies such as Wells Fargo, Principal Financial and Nationwide Insurance. In addition, it is quickly gaining a reputation as a Tech hot spot due to recent projects and expansions by Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple. The communities that make up Central Iowa offer a unique blend of city amenities and small town charm making them ideal locations to raise a family.

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Des Moines Liberty Bell
Liberty Bell replica in front of the State Capitol Building in Des Moines, Iowa.
Des Moines State Fair
DES MOINES, IA /USA - AUGUST 10: Attendees at the Iowa State Fair. People walking near food vendors at the Iowa State Fair on August 10, 2014 in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

When a family moves to a new town or neighborhood, they're going to need to know where to get their car or truck serviced, what restaurants are in the neighborhood and where to take their children and pets for care. That's where our New Mover Marketing program comes in!

Since new movers are 209 percent more likely to purchase within the first six months of their move there is huge value in targeting new movers in your community!

Our 50+ years of experience can help take your business to the next level.

Discover how new mover marketing works for some Des Moines area businesses we work with!

Discover how new mover marketing works for automotive sales and service

New customers every month for sales and service milestones.

Find out how dental practices acquire a new set of customers every single month!

Practices acquire a steady stream of new patients.

Finding a new grocery store can be a top priority after a move.

Supermarkets are highly sought after a move.

Discover how barber shops and beauty salons make new mover marketing work for them!

Barber Shops and Beauty Salons
Get new clients to your shop every month!

Find out why leading veterinarians choose a new mover marketing strategy!

Pet Care
Leading vets choose our marketing strategy!

Make your pizza shop stand out from the rest with our new mover marketing program!

Your shop is unique- Make it stand out from the rest!

Discover how restaurants, diners and taverns find success with new mover marketing

New customers will make your restaurant a success.

New mover marketing works with nearly every industry!

Other Industries
New mover marketing is a great fit for numerous industries!

Our new mover marketing program has a proven advantage over traditional marketing methods such as word of mouth, print, television, radio, and even social media.

How Does New Mover Marketing with Our Town America work?

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We offer the best new mover marketing campaign and it's a smart choice for your business.

Exclusivity for your Business

Because we only partner with one of each business type in any specific zip code, this allows you to lock out your competition.  Not only will you be the only business or service provider of your type welcoming new movers each month, you can fine tune your targeting by ZIP code. Choose an area as small as one ZIP code or as large as the entire country! 

Innovative Tracking and Mobile App

Apps for iOS and Android devices help you keep track new mover marketing response
Keeping track of results is important and we developed a revolutionary way to see your activity and performance. Our TruTrak® system records redemptions and automatically triggers an optional "thank you" postcard. From SponsorWeb you can check your activity, survey feedback and demographics. See just how many New Movers have been welcomed each month, broken down by ZIP code. View messages, invoices, and redemption lists to refine your other direct marketing efforts.

New Audience of Movers Every Single Month

Pinpoint new movers every month, automatically!
Up to 20% of the US population moves each year. New movers spend more because they have no established habits or loyalties. Our unique new mover marketing program makes it possible for you to target a broad audience every single month. Our proprietary software can estimate response rates and maintain a high level of accuracy to avoid wasted coverage and maximize your advertising dollar. Reach a different set of new movers every month before your competition does! New movers are nobody's customer. Let's make them yours today!

Direct Mail Postcard mailing provides a low-cost, full-service solution to your marketing needs!

Saturation Mailing

Our Town America EDDM Postcards

A fast and affordable way to get the word out to your surrounding neighborhoods and let them know what is going on in your business.  Target neighborhoods around your location based on average age, income and size of household. Perfect for grand openings, re-openings, specials, or education on how you are keeping your staff and customers safe.  Many sizes available.  Prices as low as 35¢ per postcard include art, print, postage and distribution.  Discounts based on volume.

Targeted Mailing

vet postcard

Put yourself in front of your perfect customer!  Looking for people who love sports?  Make over $100K a year?  Have a mortgage with an interest rate over 4%?  Pool supply companies with more than 10 employees? We have access to literally hundreds of variables to target the exact customer you are looking for.  Business or consumer lists available!

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