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What Millennial New Movers Want in a Town

Millennials are on the move, but where are they moving? Millennials (defined as adults born between 1981 and 1996) are one of the most coveted demos in marketing, but finding the right balance for engaging this generation can be tricky. Our Town America commissioned a comprehensive survey and put together a list to help you take your local business marketing to the next level. So, what do Millennials look for in a new city that can help your business set itself apart?

Millennials Care About Careers

30% of Millennial Movers Relocated for their Careers








One surprising piece of homeowner data our survey found was that Millennials care more about careers than you might think! Over 30 percent of our survey said that they relocated for their career for their last move. And that’s not all, 71 percent of Millennials surveyed said they would live in the middle of nowhere for a higher paying job. It’s no secret that jobs drive community growth, and you can bet that Millennials are moving where the jobs are.

Millennials Want Convenience

57.4% of Millennials say Walking Distance is Important








Millennials want convenience in their communities, and that means convenience. Over half of those surveyed (57.4 percent) said that living within walking distance to restaurants and other stores is important to them. A quaint downtown area with diverse local businesses goes a long way in appealing to the Millennial mindset. Everyone knows that Millennials love to shop local, and from boutiques to salons to coffee shops, Millennials are ready to pound the pavement.

Delivery Services Matter for Millennials

69 percent of new Millennial movers want to be in range of delivery services








Even though our survey established that Millennials love walking, that doesn’t mean that they’re above delivery. Our homeowner information shows that two-thirds of survey participants (69 percent) think being in range of delivery services is important. Millennials are also loyal to local businesses. More than 60 percent of our survey said they were highly likely to re-visit a business they received a valuable offer from.

Pets Take Precedence for Millennials

70% of Millennial movers say pets influence moving decisions








America is a nation that loves its pets. Millennials are no exception. The survey found that three in five Millennials have pets. What’s more, is that 70 percent of those pet owners said their pets influenced where they chose to live. Whether it’s dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, or bunnies, there’s no question that their furry friends have a big impact on where Millennials choose to live. A community being pet-friendly means much more than big yards. It means pet-friendly shops and ample pet parks for playtime. The same goes for pet-based businesses like grooming services, dog-walkers, and pet-sitters.

Everyone Wants Community Events

69 percent of Millennials want to be near food festivals








While only 20 percent of Millennials said they want to live in the big city, over half still said they want to be in a community with lots of exciting events. Food festivals top the list of desirable town attractions with over 69 percent, followed closely by concerts, beer and wine tasting events, sporting events, and family outings. Whether it’s a food truck rodeo, a weekend out at a local brewery, or family fun at a folk-art festival, Millennials want something fun to do together.

Millennials Want to Know Their Neighbors

44% of Millennial movers want to know their neighbors








Many people think of Millennials as the new “me” generation, but they might like to think of themselves as the “us” generation. Our survey found that three in four Millennials actually prefer meeting people in person (as opposed to online). Over 44 percent said that it’s very important for them to know the people living around them. A strong and vibrant community with a friendly feel and an air of hospitality can go a long way to bringing in Millennial movers.

Housewarming Gifts Mean a Lot to Millennials

80% of Millennials say they feel more comfortable with a housewarming gift








It may seem old-fashioned, but Millennials still appreciate a thoughtful housewarming gift. Our survey found that over 80 percent of Millennials would feel more comfortable in a new home or neighborhood if they received a housewarming gift. Even so, only 41.3 percent of survey participants said they’d ever received a housewarming gift. And housewarming gifts go beyond presents. Over 84 percent of our survey said they would jump on a proven offer from a local business. Helping Millennials feel connected to their communities goes a long way to attracting new movers.

Connecting Businesses with Millennial Movers

We hope this helps to give you a better idea of what inspires Millennials when they choose where to move. One thing is for certain, they want to know what’s out there. Nearly 60 percent of our survey said they wish they had been told more about their new communities after moving in. Whether they receive a welcome guide for new movers or join a new homeowner mailing list, a little info about their new surroundings goes a long way to helping Millennials feel at home. New mover marketing services help keep Millennials informed on local businesses and services while putting your brand in front of a valuable new audience.

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