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New Mover Welcome Package Generates Law of Reciprocity

The Law of Reciprocity: Proof that New Mover Marketing is Powerful

Persuasion by reciprocation is based on the Law of Reciprocity; use this to your advantage to build a loyal customer base through New Mover Marketing. The art of reciprocity is ingrained in human culture. A part of sociological phenomena, the ...
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Marketing for Mechanics with Our Town America

Marketing Ideas for Mechanics

Marketing for mechanics does not have to be focused on coupons and discounts to be successful. New technology and techniques can boost profits and help build relationships with customers. The aftermarket auto industry is primed for growth. Poor road conditions, ...
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Using a Mailing List to Find New Residents in your Area Our Town America

Using a Mailing List to Find New Residents in Your Area

What if you could swiftly greet every new mover household “at their doorstep”, welcome them to the community, introduce them your business and develop life-long relationships before your competitor does? Great news! You can. And, even better, you can automate ...
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Identifying your Key Customer Base

Techniques to Identify Your Key Customer Base

Producing a successful marketing campaign isn’t always an easy task, even for the savviest small business owner. Our Town America can help local businesses get started by suggesting techniques to identify your key customer base. Determining a key customer base ...
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Creative Ways to Market to Millennials Our Town America Marketing for Local Businesses

Creative Ways to Market to Millennials

The millennial generation is becoming a force to be reckoned with as they are important customers for small business owners. As their buying power rises, small business owners need to develop creative ways to market to millennials to tap into ...
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How to Market during Summer Moving Months Our Town America

Rev Up New Mover Marketing During Hot Moving Months

May is National Moving Month — Our Town America’s favorite time of year! Mark the start of the summer moving season by implementing a new mover marketing program to add loyal customers and boost sales. Summer is right around the ...
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Spring Forward Marketing Plan Our Town America

Revisit Your Marketing Plan as You Spring Forward

As temperatures rise and flowers start to bloom, Our Town America has some small business marketing tips for your business to implement this spring. The spring season is a time of renewal. People come out of hibernation after a long, ...
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Top Businesses New Movers visit after Moving Our Town America New Mover Marketing

Top Businesses New Movers Visit After Moving

New mover marketing gives small businesses the opportunity to help residents feel at home in their new community while elevating profits. More than a third of recent movers say it's harder to find a house than a spouse, according to ...
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Fresh Marketing Ideas for 2022

Fresh Marketing Ideas for 2022

As we leave 2021 in the rearview and start fresh, it’s time to head back to the drawing board and figure out ways to spice up your marketing strategy for the months ahead. Your marketing efforts help build your company’s ...
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New Mover Mailing Lists Our Town America

How Up-to-Date are New Movers Lists?

As moving trends continue to surge, Our Town America offers a current and accurate new movers list designed to put your small business in front of new residents and generate profits. With the holiday season in our rearview, the roughly ...
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