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Las Prensas Magazine Article Our Town America

Marketing to New Residents Pay Dividends For Business Owners Of North Carolina

New Mover Marketing It is a harsh reality, but the economy is not improving and business owners in Wilmington area are feeling the pressure as businesses and consumers continue to cut costs. What can the small business owner do to ...
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Online Marketing Loyal Customers Our Town America

New Movers Are the Key to Attracting and Keeping Loyal Customers

Retail Merchandiser Blog, August 27, 2012 - In today’s world, local businesses have more marketing tools at their fingertips than ever before. The explosion of online marketing concepts has made a big impact on the way consumers think about and ...
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New Mover Marketing Program Quick Service Restaurants

With Franchising on the Rebound, QSR’s Turn to New Mover Marketing

Restaurant News Release, July 26th, 2012 -  The American economy may still be on life support, but the franchise industry is making a comeback.   In fact, according to the International Franchise Association (IFA) Educational Foundation, nearly 14,000 (13,928) new franchise establishments ...
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New Mover Marketing Program Quick Service Restaurants

Quick Serves Make a Play for New Neighbors

When it comes to marketing, quick-serve companies have a host of demographics they try to get in front of: social media fanatics, Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, Gen Y-ers, and even kids. But some believe there is one segment they might ...
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Grocery Store New Mover Marketing Our Town America

Grocery Headquarters – Food Forum: Moving Targets

According to the USDA, the average family spends upwards of $954 a month on groceries, so it is no exaggeration when grocery stores claim each one is a valuable customer. The problem is, our most recent Census suggests that more ...
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Local Businesses Philadelphia Our Town America

Sisters Find Success Helping Local Businesses

Six years ago, sisters Heather Wahl and Jess Damiani were both unemployed and wondering how they'd make ends meet for themselves and their children. Today, Wahl and Damiani are supporting their families — while helping new families get acquainted with ...
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Franchisee of the Year Our Town America

New Mover Marketing Franchise Awards Territory to Franchisee of the Year

Our Town America’s Jess Damiani and Heather Wahl Receive Rare Gift, Valued at More than $40,000, at Recent Annual Convention Franchising.com, April 26, 2012, Philadelphia, PA – Franchisors nationwide are constantly searching for thoughtful, yet cost-effective, ways to celebrate their most ...
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New Businesses Detroit Our Town America

Our Town America Offers Assistance to New Businesses in Detroit

Detroit - Our Town America’s program is helping the Motor City escape the financial issues caused by the depression because it is laser focused on helping new movers and local businesses create loyal, long-term relationships. Each month, Our Town America sends ...
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Hy-Vee Store Sets Sights on Its Newest Neighbors

Moving to a new area is always a stressful event, and most businesses recognize the importance of making a good first impression on new customers. So, being the first supermarket to greet a family to town and offer them free ...
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Michael Plummer Sandra Conk Our Town America

Skilled Sellers Bring Our Town America’s Established New Mover Concept Forward

PINELLAS PARK — Our Town America, a 40-year-old, direct mail advertising company targeting recent movers, is all Mayberry RFD on its front end, but its inner workings are right out of the Jetsons. An American flag hangs over the company’s front ...
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