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David Cox Our Town America Franchisee Success

Our Town America’s Franchisee Success Series: David Cox, Phoenix, AZ

Franchisee David Cox Building his Multi-unit Empire - Phoenix and San Diego David Cox is thriving in the Valley of the Sun as the proud owner of a pair of Our Town America franchise locations. He opened his first location ...
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Direct Mail Personalization Our Town America New Mover Marketing

The How and Why of Direct Mail Personalization

Why does the industry insist on personalizing your direct mail pieces? Here are just 3 reasons: It grabs prospective customers’ attention, as it makes them feel special. Better targeting: You target the message to the right person. Better response: Because ...
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Customer Loyalty Our Town America New Mover Marketing

Top 4 Things That Help Build Customer Loyalty

Marketing experts and business consultants who help companies win more market share always urge clients to build customer loyalty. Why does everyone keep harping on customer loyalty? It’s because loyal customers return repeatedly resulting in you making money. They spend ...
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Marketing Budget Our Town America New Mover Marketing

Maximizing Your Marketing Budget

Your marketing is underway whether you have a plan or not. That sign above your store? That’s marketing. How you treat customers? That’s marketing. What your customers tell their friends? That’s marketing. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have a formal ...
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Direct Mail Campaign Our Town America New Mover Marketing

What is a Direct Mail Campaign?

A direct mail campaign is a promotion in which a business mails marketing letters, postcards, or other promotional material to existing or potential customers. It is one of the oldest forms of direct marketing. According a 1921 business primer, "Effective ...
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Successful Direct Mail Our Town America New Mover Marketing

Top 6 Components of a Successful Direct Mail Piece

Grab the Consumer's AttentionDirect mail marketing pros and local business owners will tell you that crafting a mail piece that doesn't get thrown away is the greatest challenge they face. According to 41pounds.com, a group that measures such things, Americans ...
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New Mover Marketing vs Direct Mail Our Town America

How New Mover Marketing varies from typical Direct Mail

Should you Invest in Both? You know who your favorite customers are, right? You’re probably thinking of one of them right now... the ones that order the same thing each time they come into your business, or they come in on ...
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