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The Best Way to Market to New Homeowners

As Americans abandon densely populated cities in droves to find work-life balance and be close to family, small businesses can capitalize on this trend by tapping into the new homeowner market.

The spike in the number of companies allowing people to work remotely untethered people from their corporate offices and allowed them to throw a dart at the map to find their ideal hometown. More than 15.9 million Americans filed change of address requests with the United States Postal Service from February to July. The results indicate address changes were up four percent, versus the same period in 2019. Temporary relocations rose 27 percent, and permanent moves went up two percent. 

New Homeowners Can Become Loyal Customers
The surge in new movers (both homeowners and renters) provides a great opportunity for small businesses searching for strategies to add new customers. Our Town America is the leader in marketing to new residents. Our new mover marketing program puts your business in front of customers who have not yet formed loyalties with other businesses. We greet new movers with a welcome package full of hand-selected proven offers with industry-leading response rates to generate foot traffic to your business. 

Where Are the New Homeowners?
Current events sparked an exodus from some hot spots, but moving trends continued to follow predictable patterns. Traditionally, big cities often record high moving rates as people outgrow the hustle and bustle of city life, or it becomes cost-prohibitive. New York saw a 48 percent jump in people abandoning the city that never sleeps, compared with the same period the previous year. People also left Chicago and some larger California cities following the outbreak of the pandemic. The trend to move south and west continued in 2020 as people opted to relocate to Idaho, South Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota and Arizona. 

Our Town America understands moving trends. We have more than 48 years of experience creating new mover mailings that will generate a return on investment for your small business. We compile accurate new mover mailing lists using technology and data experience. Our lists are current and contain mailing information for potential customers who recently moved to your community. Every month, Our Town America receives new movers lists from multiple sources which consists of individuals who have filed some sort of address change in the past 30 days. We take that information and filter out any duplicate names and addresses to create a direct mailing list that is about 95 percent accurate. As an added bonus, our lists are built to target your customer demographic.

“Our Town America can help you capitalize on moving trends by focusing your marketing efforts on new movers - both new homeowners and renters,” said Michael Plummer Jr., Our Town America’s President and Chief Executive. 

Top Reasons New Homeowners Relocate
People make the decision to move for a variety of different reasons, mainly involving a new job or affordable housing. Understanding the motivation behind moving trends in your area can help when it comes to crafting a proven offer for our welcome package. For example, if people are moving because of a job loss, providing a generous proven offer to get them in the door is likely the way to go. With decades of experience and data, we are here to help you craft the perfect proven offer for your one-time housewarming gift. 

Current events posed an additional reason for relocating in 2020. Nearly 59 percent of people who moved last year cited a desire to be closer to family. Nearly one in five people moved, or know someone who moved, due to the pandemic. In addition to wanting to be closer to family, those who moved because of COVID-19 did so due to concerns for personal and family health and wellbeing, ability to work remotely, or a lifestyle change or improvement of quality of life.

We’re here to help you reach out to new homeowners in your area and turn them into new customers. For more information about new mover marketing and our new mover lists, visit www.ourtownamerica.com today.

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