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Playing A Key Role in Veterinarian's Journey

Our Town America, the nation’s premier new mover marketing franchise, is committed to helping families settle into their new community. From restaurants to gyms to veterinary offices, new residents have to find their community staples. Our Town America presents new movers with a welcoming package filled with discount offers to local businesses, delivered right to their mailbox. These offers can serve as a convenient starting point for residents as they work to establish their new normal.

Dr. Ilene Serentill, owner of Laurel Road Veterinary Clinic in Nokomis, Florida, has first-hand experience with Our Town

America’s New Mover Marketing program. After moving to the area a few years ago to be closer to her child’s school, Serentill was greeted with a personalized New Mover Welcoming Package from Our Town America. She was immediately drawn to the colorful, appealing offers. Upon flipping through the offers, she discovered a free pet exam from her neighborhood vet, Laurel Road Veterinary Clinic. This piqued her interest as she herself was a veterinarian and was seeking employment close to her new home.

Dr. Serentill realized the veterinary clinic was within walking distance of her new house. She decided to stop by, introduce herself and see if there were any job openings for a veterinarian. Fate was on her side that day; a full-time veterinarian had just turned in their two-week notice a few days before, and the clinic needed a new vet.

Dr. Serentill decided a great way to get to know the clinic was to utilize her Our Town America gift certificate for a free, comprehensive exam for her dog, Sarge. During that visit, Dr. Serentill was able to meet the clinic owner and staff members. She immediately felt at home and was confident in moving forward with the veterinarian position at the clinic.

Fast forward to today, and Dr. Serentill is now owner of the Laurel Road Veterinary Clinic.

“It’s been a long journey, but it all started with Our Town America,” says Dr. Serentill. “I first found out about the clinic through an Our Town America offer, and now, after a lot of long hours and hard work, I am the owner! I took over the business in September of 2018, and I am excited to continue our partnership with Our Town America. They have been incredibly valuable to our business.”

As a new business owner, Dr. Serentill is very budget-conscious and has cut back on all marketing expenses…except Our Town America. Today, the Laurel Road Veterinary Clinic still offers new movers a free, comprehensive exam for their pet, valued at $45. Additionally, Dr. Serentill and local franchise owner, Jennifer Moseley, decided to send Our Town America thank you cards to new residents that took advantage of the free exam. Those thank you cards are good for $5 off the customer’s next visit. (check out this Veterinary News article for more details on how this program works for veterinarians)

“Our Town America gives us a measurable metric to determine the effectiveness of the campaign and helps us establish relationships with new customers,” says Dr. Serentill. “On average, we see three new clients per month who are using their new mover offer for a free exam. Those customers often come back time and time again; many become life-long, loyal customers. That new business is great for our bottom line.”

Our Town America has been helping businesses across the country capture the attention of new movers for more than 45 years. Capitalizing on new residents through appealing vouchers, discounts and unique offers can give local businesses a competitive edge. By providing new residents with personalized coupons, delivered straight to their mailbox, Our Town America helps stimulate the local economy and grow local businesses.

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