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New Mover Welcome Package Generates Law of Reciprocity to Add Customers

Persuasion by reciprocation is based on the Law of Reciprocity; use this to your advantage to build a loyal customer base through New Mover Marketing.

The art of reciprocity is ingrained in human culture. A part of sociological phenomena, the law of reciprocity states that when a person receives something, they feel compelled to return the favor. It’s a learned behavior that is rooted in childhood when parents focus on teaching their children the practice of sharing as a tool to build relationships.

The law of reciprocity was put to the test in 1974 when Phillip Kunz, a sociologist at Brigham Young University, conducted an experiment with Christmas cards. As part of the study, he sent handwritten notes or holiday cards to 600 strangers. Even though the recipients did not know Kunz, he received at least 200 replies from people who felt obligated to reciprocate.

The Law of Reciprocity is widely used in the business world by marketing gurus like Brian Tracy and Colin Shaw.

To see reciprocity at work in your daily life, simply head to your local coffee shop for a caffeine fix. Notice how people respond when you greet them or the many tips left for the barista who made their favorite drink. The law of reciprocity is alive and well, and it’s a great tool local businesses can use to help drive profits.

Our Town America Helps Add Loyal Customers
Our Town America’s New Mover Marketing program relies on the law of reciprocity to help businesses obtain new customers. New Mover Marketing puts your business in front of people who are likely to buy now and buy again in the future. We send new residents a Welcome Package filled with free offers to introduce them to their local community. Between unpacking boxes and turning their houses into homes, new movers feel the urge to reciprocate the kind gesture by visiting the businesses who welcomed them and redeeming the offers. The generous welcome also prompts them to speak highly of the business to fellow neighbors, fueling word-of-mouth promotions. Quality customer service encourages new residents to return as repeat customers.

To help new residents form loyalties with a local business, Our Town America’s mobile tracking technology can also send a thank you note to new movers once they redeem their welcome offer. New Mover Marketing helps solidify the reputation of your small business amongst local residents.

Last year, more than 27.1 million Americans moved, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. People changed residences for a variety of reasons, including lower cost of living, job relocation, and being closer to family. Following the pandemic outbreak, remote work allowed many people who were usually tied to a corporate office to relocate.

No matter how well you plan, moving is stressful. Unloading boxes and getting the lay of the land takes time and effort. New Mover Marketing strives to capture new residents before they form loyalties to your competitors and introduce them to your business with a free one-time housewarming offer.

“I love helping local business owners grow their businesses by directing new residents through their doors each month,” said Susan Nagi, a multi-unit Our Town America franchise owner in Arizona & Nevada. “New movers truly appreciate the kind gesture from the welcoming businesses and, as response rates demonstrate, the law of reciprocity is in effect”.

Focus on Reciprocity to Grow Business
Learn more about how the law of reciprocity can help your small businesses become a mainstay in your local community by trying our New Mover Marketing and direct mail services for yourself.

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