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Get Your New Mover Mailing List Now

Target new residents and new homeowners with our proprietary mail lists

Our company’s New Mover Marketing program, powered by our unparalleled new mover lists, is an effective strategy for your local advertising and marketing. You’re always searching for new customers ready to purchase your products and services. When new movers settle into their new neighborhoods, with their normal buying patterns disrupted, that’s your opportunity to earn a lifetime customer with our direct mail lists!

New movers spend more money outfitting new homes and establishing new shopping habits than existing residents spend in five years.

Because they’re new to the area, new residents and new homeowners don’t have favorite barbershops yet, for example, or grocery stores, car dealerships, dental offices, pet stores, or other everyday needs. To reach this audience with an accurate and timely mailing for your local marketing and advertising, contact us about our New Mover Marketing program now!

Our direct mail company can manage your local postcard marketing campaigns as well. Tell us your ideas and we’ll design, print and mail your postcards. We can use the mailing list you provide, mail to a certain demographic area, or we can develop a mailing list with specific demographics.

Choose an experienced new mover marketing company to run your local advertising and marketing

How does our direct mail marketing company ensure that our new resident and new homeowner lists are accurate and up-to-date? We’ve been helping businesses gain loyal customers for over 50 years. Many marketing companies around the country claim to be specialists in local direct mail marketing, but as many as 80% have been in business for less than three years.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of local businesses turbo-charge their local advertising and marketing by introducing themselves to new homeowners and new residents in the neighborhood. When partnering with us, you can use our direct mail marketing programs broken down by multiple ZIP Codes, single ZIP Code, carrier route, and other demographics useful to your business.

Rely on new mover lists backed up by decades of managed data

Our direct marketing company has half a century of experience in new mover history and data management. Local businesses can be assured that our new resident lists are effective in successfully targeting new families looking to buy goods and services, as mailing lists can be matched against previous lists – and previous successes with currently active customer bases.

We collect and store data from up to 11 sources nationwide each month. This gives local businesses the comfort of knowing that our company’s new mover lists are timely, clean and accurate. That same care and experience transfer into our postcard marketing programs as well.

How we ensure that our direct mail lists are the best

Our New Mover Marketing program begins with an empty name file, and nationally recognized suppliers provide us with new mover intelligence, which identifies individuals and families who have filed an address change in the past 30 days. We receive millions of names, addresses, and other data for new residents each month.

Sources of new mover information vary by community and part of the country, but data sources usually include deed transactions, credit cards, utility connections, credit bureau records, magazines, driver’s licenses or voter registration lists.

A change of address does not necessarily indicate a move, though, which is why we process our data through our proprietary system to identify and eliminate potential errors.

How our direct mail marketing company cleanses data

  1. The long list of addresses is standardized for postal validation.
  2. We go through the list again and remove any redundancies. That’s because the typical mover communicates up to eleven sources of his or her address change.
  3. We remove duplicate addresses to ensure that the same business doesn’t mail to the same address for at least six months.
  4. We compare every name to our historical database of 350 million households. Our Town America will never mail to the same name and address twice.
  5. The list undergoes final postal verification with the United States Postal Service.

We are well-known in the New Mover Marketing industry as having direct mail lists with close to 100% accuracy

To reach near-perfection, we discard as much as 60% of the names and addresses we receive. Businesses are wise to find the most accurate list of new residents before sending direct mail pieces to potential customers. Is the envelope addressed to the wrong family? Is it being mailed to an old address? How much of your local marketing budget can you afford to waste?

Accurate lists increase a business’ return on investment, saving money and time. And our direct mail marketing company is known for our clean lists to help build customer bases for businesses just like yours. Period.

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