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A clean list of new residents is not easy to come by.

New Mover Mailing List.  How Do You Get One?

Many local businesses know that New Mover Marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers who are ready to purchase their products and services. People who have just moved to your area will spend more money outfitting their new homes and settling in than other existing residents spend in five years. However, owners of barbershops, grocery stores, car dealerships, dental offices, pet stores, and other businesses who want to reach new residents must have a complete and accurate New Mover List of new residents (new movers) in order to actually reach this audience.

The key to obtaining an accurate and timely list of names and addresses of new movers is to enlist the help of a reputable New Mover Marketing company.

To ensure an accurate new mover list, that company must have three attributes:

  1. has been in business for an extended period of time
  2. possess years of data to back up its new mover lists
  3. the company must verify its lists against reliable sources to reduce error rate

Choose an experienced new mover marketing platform

One can't be too careful when shopping for a New Mover Marketing firm. There are a number of companies around the country that claim to be specialists in this direct marketing niche. Some 80 percent of these companies have been around for fewer than three years.

Our Town America, the nation's premier New Mover Marketing organization, on the other hand, has been helping businesses gain new, loyal customers for 45 years.

Since 1972, Our Town America has helped tens of thousands of local businesses introduce themselves to new families new to the neighborhood. When partnering with Our Town America, you can use our direct mail marketing programs broken down by multiple ZIP Codes, single ZIP Code or by carrier route. There are many other options to consider, however, so be sure to reach out to see all that we have to offer.

New mover lists backed up by years of accurate data

Our Town America, for instance, has obtained and managed direct marketing lists for nearly half a century.

When choosing a firm with nearly half a century of family move history, local businesses can be assured that those lists are effective in successfully targeting new families looking to buy goods and services, as the lists have the potential to be bounced against the previous years of data.

Companies with a long history have expertise in data management in receiving and storing large blocks of data from up to 11 sources nationwide each month. This gives local businesses the comfort of knowing that an experienced company’s new mover lists are timely, clean and accurate.

How highly accurate new mover lists are achieved

If a New Mover Marketing company is doing it correctly, each month should begin with an empty name file, as they rely on nationally recognized suppliers to provide them with new mover intelligence, which identifies individuals and families who have filed some form of address change in the past 30 days. At Our Town America, this means receiving millions of names of people, addresses and other data in a given month.

Sources of new mover information varies by community and part of the country, but sources of the data usually include deed transactions, credit cards, utility connections, credit bureau records, magazines, driver’s licenses, and voter registration lists.

While this data most often signifies a recent move by an individual or family, there are exceptions. The data is processed through Our Town America’s proprietary system as a means of identifying and eliminating potential errors.

The data cleansing process for Our Town America is as follows:

  1. The long list of addresses is standardized for postal validation.
  2. Our Town America goes through the list again and removes any redundancies. That’s because the typical mover communicates up to eleven sources of his or her address change.
  3. Our Town America removes duplicate addresses to ensure that the same business doesn’t mail to the same address for six months.
  4. We compare every name to our historical database of 350 million households. Our Town America will never mail to the same name and address.
  5. The list undergoes final postal verification with the United States Postal Service.

Reputation matters

Our Town America is well-known in the New Mover Marketing industry as having new mover lists with close to 100% accuracy. To reach that near-perfection, the company discards as much as 60% of the names and addresses we receive.

Businesses are wise to find the most accurate list of new residents before mailing direct mail pieces to potential customers. Is the envelope addressed to the wrong family? Is it being mailed to an old address?

Accurate lists increase a business’ return on investment, saving money and time.

A good New Mover Marketing company will have a good, clean list. Period.

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