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National Survey Lends Insight on Millennial Moving Trends

FOX 26 Houston (July 2019)Our Town America commissioned a survey of more than 650 Millennials to learn about their ideal city to live in and their main motivations behind moving. Some cities stood out amongst the rest - Houston, TX being one of them.

Houston, as many will attest to, fulfills many wants and needs for Millennials. In fact, Houston has the third-lowest house prices and sixth-highest household income, according to Nerdwallet.

Also - when surveyed, 44.8% of Millennials said a lot of job opportunities is what makes a city a dream city. Houston was ranked 11th best Large American City.

And, while Millennials have been stereotyped as being addicted to technology, they actually value time outdoors. In fact, 48.8% said they prefer to do things outdoors when possible. Houston is a short drive from the beach, there are plenty of biking/hiking trails, and water sports are accessible, as well as golf courses and more!

Not so surprisingly, however, Millennials like the option to bring their pets whenever possible. 61% of Millennials surveyed have a pet(s), and 47.6% said that their pet(s) is their top priority when choosing a place to live. Well, Houston slides in yet again as a top contender as it has many dog-friendly restaurants and hotels, as well as parks & hiking trails for everyone's favorite furry friend.

But, once Houston proves itself to the new mover, it's then the local businesses turn to do so. But how?

That's when Our Town America steps in to do what we've been doing best since 1972. We deliver Welcome Packages to the mailboxes of new movers - complete with one-time-use free housewarming gifts redeemable at local merchants. This is viewed by tens of thousands of new movers across the country as welcoming - not as a form of advertising. In fact, in the recently commissioned survey, 85% of Millennials said they'd take advantage of a local small business offer/freebie, and a whopping 98% said they'd likely revisit the businesses a second time after trying out the first offer.

FOX TV featured Clark Hillegeist of Our Town America of Houston to discuss the survey results. Check out the video by pressing 'play' below.


*Editor’s Note:

*Please cite Our Town America as the source for this survey.
*This online survey of 652 men and women was conducted by a third party and commissioned by Our Town America.
*Survey participants have no affiliation with Our Town America.

About Our Town America
For 47 years, Our Town America has been providing new movers with traditional hospitality by mailing warm housewarming gifts from local neighborhood businesses in a premium welcome package. Since the company started franchising in 2005, Our Town America has consistently been placed in the Franchise Top 50, ranking top in their category for franchisee satisfaction.

Our Town America’s dedication to the “sponsor exclusivity” concept, meaning Our Town America will only recommend one of each business type in any specific zip code within its welcome packages, has been one of the key catalysts for the company’s long-term success. In addition, sponsors consistently rave about other unique aspects of the new mover marketing program – such as their ability to reach a brand-new audience of impressionable new movers each month and the insightful data/metrics delivered by Our Town America’s innovative pinpoint tracking system.

Due in large part to Our Town America’s devotion to those concepts, thousands of satisfied business owners throughout the United States attest to the success and effectiveness of the program. Additionally, dozens of locally owned franchisees validate Our Town America’s concept as a viable business opportunity.

It is Our Town America’s mission to assist new movers adjusting to their community, help businesses gain new and loyal customers and provide franchisees with an excellent opportunity. The eight million households who receive Our Town America’s welcome packages each year prove that Our Town America is committed to following through on that mission statement.

For more information, visit the Our Town America website at https://www.ourtownamerica.com or call 1-800-497-8360.

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