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Local Businesses can Make an Immediate Impact

New Mover Marketing offers small businesses a targeted marketing strategy guaranteed to produce new customers during this unprecedented time.

A survey of 450 marketing gurus following the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States revealed 42 percent of participants deemed budget cuts a significant challenge, according to LinkedIn and Vision Critical, a customer insights provider. At least 76 percent of respondents were forced to shift marketing priorities, and 34 percent were working to change their target audience.

If these grim advertising statistics hit home, you are not alone. Small business owners across the country are coping with the realities of operating in a pandemic economy. This year prompted them to adapt their business models and learn to stay afloat with less — decreased operating hours, capacity limits, employee shortages and lower sales. While small businesses slowly recover, and the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter, it’s important to make smart and effective advertising choices (especially if you’re operating with a smaller marketing budget). Our Town America believes it’s an ideal time to consider expanding your loyal customer base by using personalized welcome packages to target new residents with our new movers list.

“Small businesses are struggling to make ends meet during this unique season. Implementing a successful new mover marketing program will help your business grow by providing a personalized connection to customers before they establish loyalties to other businesses. It’s a hassle-free marketing tactic guaranteed to generate results,” said Michael Plummer Jr., president and chief executive of Our Town America, the nation’s premier new mover marketing company.

Our Town America has been helping introduce new customers to local businesses for 49 years. The company specializes in providing businesses with accurate, new mover marketing lists and is a one-stop-shop for small businesses searching for a way to showcase their customer service to new customers. If you’re still on the fence about giving new mover marketing a try, here are the reasons why you should opt to launch a new mover campaign with a company that has a long history of results. Our Town America is the right choice for your small business.

New Movers Need New Go-to Local Businesses. New movers are an excellent target market for small business owners because they have not yet had a chance to establish loyalties with other businesses. From the day the moving truck pulls up in front of their new house, they need to find their new favorite pizza place, grocery store, and coffee shop. New movers will also need to find a reliable dentist, hairstylist and a nearby gym to work off the pepperoni pizza and cafe mochas. With no established loyalties, it’s the perfect time for businesses to step up and provide stellar service to encourage the new mover to put them on their shortlist.

How New Movers Benefit Local Businesses. New residents are big spenders. Research indicates new movers spend money in their new community to help make their house a home. Whether it’s the perfect end table from that adorable consignment shop down the road, or a full fridge of groceries from a lovely, local market, new movers – both homeowners and renters – are willing to open their wallets. New homeowners spend more than $10,000 on furniture, appliances, and home repairs during the first year, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

New Mover Marketing is an Upscale Option. Our Town America helps you target new movers by sending new residents a personalized welcome package with hand-selected, proven offers. The company uses an up-to-date new resident mailers list, relying on new mover intelligence from nationally recognized suppliers. Suppliers identify individuals and families who recently filed some form of address change. After receiving the lists from suppliers, Our Town America combs it to prevent redundancies and remove duplicate addresses. Ultimately, the final list used to reach the new movers in your area is arguably the most accurate in the country, which saves your business time and money by avoiding wasted coverage and additional postage and printing costs. 

Delivers Trackable Return on Investment. Businesses can be confident their new mover marketing program is generating results. Our Town America offers easy solutions to track return on investment and gather detailed demographic data of new customers from their smartphone. The company’s proprietary mobile app also provides businesses the option of including a second mailing to give customers an incentive to return, or to remind them about your business with a simple ‘thank you’. The second mailing helps increase your chances of turning them into loyal customers. In addition, all annual partnered businesses enjoy category exclusivity in the welcome package for their business type, which means your business competitors cannot welcome new movers as well.

If you’re confident in the service experience your business provides, Our Town America can help you get new customers through your doors. For more information about new mover marketing, visit www.ourtownamerica.com today.

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