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Target New Movers with New Mover Mailing Lists

You’re looking for new customers. You’ve been blanketing the airwaves with your ads, and you’ve been targeting consumers online. You’ve done the social media thing. You even put out an ad in your kid’s high school’s theater program.

Look, that’s all well and good. Most types of marketing, even the ads on the back of the high school musical program book, have their place. But have you tried finding new customers with a new mover mailing list? Here are the answers to all the questions you didn’t know that you had.

What is a new mover mailing list?

A new mover mailing list is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a list that contains up-to-date information on new potential consumers who have recently moved to your community. As you know, it can be challenging to bring in new customers. You can offer incredible deals, but that often only goes so far. If you have a hair salon, for instance, you may get some new customers who will give you a try – but you’re probably not going to get the customers who have been going to a competing salon for years. They’ve created a bond with that business, and it’s hard to break it. Which is fine, on some levels. After all, you have your own loyal customers, so you’d be bummed if they were easily enticed away from you by some 30 percent discount.

How is it valuable?

That’s where new mover mailing lists can really be an incredible tool. You want new customers? Well, new movers lists can help you find new customers – and turn them into repeat customers. 

After all, when somebody moves into the neighborhood, they probably don’t know where to shop. They don’t where to get their teeth cleaned. They don’t know where the trendy restaurants are. And what’s more, they want to know where to go.

People new to the community need to know the best pediatrician in town. They’re hoping for some guidance on who has the best pizza in town and what dry cleaner doesn’t overcharge. You can let their neighbors, strangers or the internet guide them – and they may well be guided to you. Hopefully. But new movers lists can put the odds in your favor. Targeting new movers helps you help them settle in. In fact, it may be the only time people receive direct mailings in the mail and are glad to get them. Again, they’re new to town…and they’re kind of lost. New movers lists give you the chance to show them the way to your place of business – before they blindly stumble across your competition.

Where can I find new movers lists?

Gosh, where? If only we knew somebody… OK, given that you’re at the Our Town America blog, you’ve probably figured out that we have new movers lists and we specialize in them. That’s what we’ve been doing since 1972 – yes, back when the Internet was just a thick phone book. The company was founded by Michael Plummer, Sr. His son, Michael Plummer, Jr., who has been with OTA since 2001, starting off in their IT department, later took over the company, after his father’s death. Using his technology and data experience, Plummer’s mission has been to make Our Town America, the premier New Mover Marketing company in the industry. That’s why Our Town America doesn’t just compile new lists of movers; we can target the types of movers you want to find.

Maybe you have a business that caters to older people? Or families with young kids? We can find the age group you’re looking for who are new to the area. Do you need people who live within, say, 5 miles of your business and don’t feel like wasting resources on people 50 miles away – or even six or seven? Well, our technology allows you to do that. Our technology also allows you to track your return on your investment on your phone. You can see when people use the gift certificates or free offers that you gave them and automatically send another mailing to them, to thank them for their visit and invite them in again.

After all, what you want to do is help people create a habit, where they start thinking of your business as the place they go, whether it’s to get their car fixed, or get the best deli meat in town or whatever service or products you provide. New movers lists help people move into a neighborhood and feel like they’re at home. And with any luck, soon, your business will be part of their family.

Interested in learning more about how Our Town America can help your business create loyal, long-lasting relationships with new movers?   Get started here – https://www.ourtownamerica.com/meet-us/.

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