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San Francisco Woman Finds Success in Bay Area with Our Town America

Long before investing in Our Town America, the nation’s leading New Mover Marketing franchise, Suzi Dupries was a small business owner wondering how to get more customers to walk through the doors of her beauty salon and retail store.

“Back then, I truly felt that New Mover Marketing was the missing piece in my advertising pie,” Dupries says. “I actually was searching for something like this during the last couple years I was in retail.”

In January of 2014, Dupries bought an Our Town America franchise territory in the San Francisco Bay Area, she helps local business owners connect with people who have just moved into town.


How Dupries found Our Town America.

Similar to other retail storeowners experiencing the decline in sales due to their products sold cheaper online. Dupries

Suzi Dupries San Francisco Bay Our Town America Franchisee

started thinking it may be time for a new business plan. Dupries took her knowledge and began looking for a new career path for herself — and started working with a franchise broker to purchase a franchise that would provide growth potential and ongoing support.


Why Dupries chose Our Town America

When Dupries first learned about Our Town America, she was immediately drawn to the business model.

“I was very fortunate that Our Town America was a perfect fit for me,” she says. “I related to the community involvement which was important to me. I’m a strong advocate of shopping locally and supporting the local community.”

Dupries isn’t just talking the talk. She says that she doesn’t shop online, lest the purchase take away from the businesses in her area. That’s a true commitment to shopping locally!

“If we don’t do business in our local towns, we won’t have a town community,” Dupries says. “I think people need to know their neighbors and their business neighbors.” But there were other reasons Dupries liked the Our Town America business model. “When you look at all the types of businesses out there, Our Town America is unique. For one, I didn’t have to do a build-out for this franchise. I didn’t have to sign a long-term business lease. Instead, I can work from home, be involved in my community, grow the business and have many sales representatives if I choose to, or just do it myself. With Our Town America, you have flexibility and organize your own time.”


How things have been going so far

In short, very well. Granted, Our Town America isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t a people person and aren’t a fan of sales, it may not be a fit. But Dupries clearly had all the right skill sets that aligned perfectly with what it takes to own and operate an Our Town America franchise. “I’m having the time of my life,” she says.

She says she particularly enjoys that she can mix it up and be out in the field, talking to business owners about how the New Mover Program will benefit their business — and then other days, she can work from her home calling on businesses. “There are so few businesses where you can do that,” she says. “They’re out there, but often requires managing locations with multiple employees.”

It probably helps that Dupries, who once managed employees and was always hustling to bring in new clientele, speaks the same business language her clients do. She can use her own experience as a small-business owner to explain the benefits of working with Our Town America to potential clients.

Dupries says that sometime in the future she may hire some sales representatives and take her franchise to the next level — but for now, she is enjoying working solo.


If you're a San Francisco area business looking to team up with Our Town America San Francisco, please contact Suzi at 415-755-4574.

Non-San Francisco area businesses can reach out to the Our Town America corporate headquarters to get in touch with their local representative at 800-497-8360.

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