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Small Business Marketing Strategies that Generate Results

The pandemic has changed the way many American consumers operate in their daily lives, but Our Town America is here to help your small business evolve your marketing strategy to meet them where they're at and effectively bolster sales in 2021 and beyond.

Following the outbreak of the pandemic, businesses were forced to adapt to new ways of operating. Notably, restaurants expanded or implemented curbside pickup and free delivery. Car dealerships offered virtual selling and home-delivery of new cars. Many retail businesses moved to contactless purchasing and online sales to ensure customer safety. During this time, small businesses focused much of their marketing efforts on these changes. 

Now, as COVID-19 numbers continue to fall, it’s a great time to take a close look at your marketing strategy to fully take advantage of a society that is ready to get back out into the world. Our Town America is the nation’s premier New Mover Direct Mail Marketing company and is available to help your small business achieve high return from your marketing efforts. Here are some simple marketing strategies to employ in the post-pandemic economy.

Capitalize on the 'new mover' market.

2020 caused people to reevaluate what is important and many chose to use the time to move to a new home. More time spent at home means more opportunity to enjoy the backyard, so some people moved to get a bigger yard. More people cooking at home means the realization that a bigger kitchen is needed. Others were awarded the ability to work remotely long-term, granting many people the opportunity of a lifetime to finally move to a new city or state yet keep their current job. Whatever the reason, people were moving - and still are. 

The U.S. Postal Service reports more than 30 million change-of-address forms were sent in last year. This surge of new residents is a perfect opportunity to attract additional customers to your business. 

Our Town America specializes in targeting this unique population. Our New Mover Marketing Program is much like the game of chess as it allows you business to be a step ahead of your competitors. It's the perfect way to get new residents to try your business before they establish new habits and form loyalties to other businesses. Our Welcome Package includes a one-time housewarming gift for new movers which gives them the incentive to visit your business. This method allows you to reach a new audience each month and gradually add to your customer base. 

Pick strategies that generate results.

Every small business owner knows they shouldn’t put all of their eggs in one basket. While utilizing e-mail marketing and social media to engage consumers can be effective, it’s important to add in tried-and-true advertising strategies to build your customer base. For most small businesses, radio and tv ads are a bit over budget. So, what other avenues are there to explore?

Direct mail is an extremely successful, proven form of advertising. A recent survey from the U.S. Postal Service showed 54 percent of those surveyed tried a new product or business within a 6-month period of receiving a piece of mail. Our Town America can help you get started with this process. We offer multiple options to help you reach your marketing goals, and each can target different audiences. 

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM®), commonly referred to as Saturation Postcards, can help you reach potential customers in the neighborhood near your business, customers with a median income or other designations. No mailing list needed for this option. You simply choose the areas you wish to mail to.

Another option is to personalize your message to target an audience based on your own specific criteria. This option is best known as Targeted Postcards as you can mail to pet owners or families with children, for example. Our Town America allows you to choose your delivery schedule and fully customize your direct mail experience. 

You can also mail out birthday mailers or, as mentioned earlier, mail to new movers in your area - but the second time around do it with a postcard. Really, the options are endless and each has a different objective. Our Town America helps pinpoint which option is best for you depending on your business needs. 

If you're ready to learn how New Mover Marketing or our other direct mail options can help your small business thrive in the post-pandemic world, visit Our Town America.

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