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Get Higher Response Rates With Direct Mail Marketing

Get Higher Response Rates with Direct Mail Marketing.

When business owners reach out to new customers in their communities, they turn to direct mail marketing. It is effective and relatively inexpensive, compared to other forms of advertising, such as radio and television.

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is the use of attractively designed mail pieces - from postcards to brochures to catalogs and everything in between - which are mailed directly to the homes of prospective customers.

Business owners usually choose standard direct mail, which blankets the entire ZIP Code, sending ad pieces to every address regardless of who lives there. This can be more expensive and less effective than New Mover Marketing, which targets new residents.

How Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?

Our Town America mails a welcome package containing gift certificates from local businesses to the homes of new residents, allowing you to reach a unique and profitable customer base. We obtain an accurate and timely list of new addresses and mail the welcome package only to those addresses every month.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign - Get Higher Response Rates

Here are just a few reasons why mailing to unique addresses every month provides a higher response rate than standard direct marketing:

  • When people move to a new town or neighborhood, they must find new local businesses to create their new network of resources. Our welcome packages direct new movers to our partnered businesses locations.
  • New residents spend five times as much as established residents in the 12 months after they move in.
  • New residents are very receptive to Our Town America's decorative welcome package, which contains housewarming gift certificates from local businesses. The businesses gift certificates are specifically designed to create customer response.
  • New mover campaigns can be designed to attract new customers. From free pizza to discounted kitchen supplies, homeowners will redeem gift certificates for products and services they need.
  • Marketing studies show that 80 percent of new movers redeem gift certificates from local vendors.

Why Our Town America for your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?

Our Town America’s New Mover Marketing program has been refined for more than 45 years. By obtaining the most accurate new mover address lists available, we help businesses save money and gain new, loyal customers who are uniquely positioned to respond to your marketing campaigns.

Let us help you welcome new families to the neighborhood!

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