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Offer, Design, & Timing of Direct Mailers

Unlike many marketing methods, direct mail marketing allows businesses to reach consumers in an intimate fashion. Digital and print advertisements, such as sidewalk bench ads or billboard ads, oftentimes get overlooked in a sea of advertisements. Direct mail, however, gives the consumer something tangible to hold onto – requiring their attention.

When given the opportunity to reach a targeted audience with little to no distraction, most businesses experience rising response rates.

The Our Town America new mover direct mail marketing program has functioned as the middleman for numerous businesses both on a local and national level. Heightened sales and an increased customer base are the results – some full-service casual dining restaurants experiencing a 22% response rate!

Getting consumers’ attention is just half the battle. The promoted offer and visual design of the mailer along with the timing of the mailer are equally important. The offer must resonate with the consumer and provoke them to complete a call to action.

Direct mail marketing with Our Town America takes care of the offer, design, and timing of the mailer. The turnkey direct mail marketing program allows businesses to reach a specialized market known as new movers.

In a world where timing is everything, a community Welcome Package arrives in the mailbox of a new mover when they are actively seeking new go-to businesses in their new neighborhood.

With 42 years of experience and endless amounts of data showcasing the best offers for various business industries, the national marketing professionals at Our Town America are able to relieve business owners of making blind business decisions.

And, fortunately, for those looking to incorporate direct mail in their marketing strategy, direct mail volume is down resulting in a less cluttered mailbox.

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