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How to Grow Your Customer Base with New Mover Marketing

Dealer Marketing Magazine (March 2016) – Remember the days when the new family in the neighborhood received a homemade pie and directions to all the cool spots around town from the family next door? Sadly, in today’s increasingly mobile and tech-savvy world, housewarming gestures are rare. And with moving numbers back on the rise, millions of movers are forced to explore their new town on their own and blindly seek out new relationships with area businesses.

There is a solution, however, that benefits both new movers and local businesses, including automotive dealers and repair stores: targeted New Mover Marketing programs, which enable local business owners to welcome new folks to town and offer up free gifts for products and services.

New movers are a mission-critical audience for auto industry business owners. According to a Zillow survey, new movers are 90% more likely than established residents to purchase a car within the first year of their move. Consider these stats from our annual survey of thousands of recent movers:

  • Auto dealers and repair shops rank among the top five most-sought-after gift certificates included within New Mover Marketing welcoming packages.
  • Hundreds of auto retailers and repair shops nationwide generate an average monthly response rate of 12% using New Mover Marketing programs.
  • Auto-focused new mover offers like “one free oil change” and “one free car wash” rank among the top 10 best-performing offers.

It’s no secret that fewer neighbors are reaching out with a helping hand when new movers come to town. New Mover Marketing programs allow auto businesses to fill the void, building long-term, loyal relationships with new residents when they arrive.

Big-picture thinking

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 40 million people move each year, meaning the average business needs to replace roughly 20% of its loyal customers that move away in any given year. The best solution? Target movers coming to town who are eager for new relationships with established businesses.

Most new movers are young (18–34) and typically relocate in response to a significant and transformational life event (marriage or divorce, new job, and/or new addition to the family). As a result, according to an Epsilon survey, they often seek out new and/or upgraded products and services. They spend, on average, $9,000 on goods and services during a move, and rely heavily on word of mouth and direct mail to make smart decisions.

This means these movers spend the same amount in a matter of months on new products and services than a settled family spends in years. The businesses that reach them first are infinitely more likely to make a lasting impression that keeps new residents coming back for more.

Win big with new residents

Nothing showcases the power of any business strategy or marketing program quite like case studies from other business owners in the same industry. These automotive business owners are generating serious results with New Mover Marketing programs:

  • A North Carolina–based dealer offers new movers one free oil change and free alignment check plus employee pricing on any new or used car, which has brought in dozens of new customers each month, leading directly to multiple sales on the lot.
  • Tom Macalus, owner of Fred’s Tires and Service in Stillwater, Minnesota, says targeted New Mover programs have  generated more response for his company than newspaper advertisements and any other form of local marketing. In fact,the $9.99 oil change and free tire rotation the business offers to new movers has helped it generate monthly response rates as high as 7%.
  • Frank Trilla, owner of King Car Wash and Detailing in Westmost, Illinois, has offered new movers a free royal treatment car wash ($20 value) since 1997.
    He says new mover marketing has been by far
    the best advertising value he’s seen since opening his business because it can bring in up to 50 new customers a month and generate response rates as high as 16%.

How to ensure success

How can other business owners/ marketers put New Mover Marketing to work for their auto dealership and/or repair shop? These three key tips will help business owners and their New Mover Marketing partner execute an effective program that truly impacts the bottom line:

  1. Nothing is more important than a personal and valuable offer. There is a measurable difference between sending out an impersonal coupon/rebate and a personalized gift certificate that allows movers to try out your products and services for free.
  2. Make sure your list of new movers is accurate and complete. Keep in mind that nearly one-third of people who move don’t report their address change to the U.S. Postal Service, making it tough to access accurate and updated lists. That’s why it’s important to partner with a new mover marketing company that builds its own quality lists from various credible sources.
  3. Don’t forget to follow up. True New Mover Marketing professionals help their sponsors (those who use their services) create a follow-up offer that thanks and rewards new movers for trying out the service. This helps get these folks back in your store and gives your staff another opportunity to make a customer for life.

Countless auto dealers and other auto-based business owners are looking for creative ways to stand out from the competition in 2016. In an improved economy, more people are moving, and in the market for new business relationships, the key catalyst for business owners lies in new mover offers delivered straight to the mailbox, not just another email sent to a digital inbox.

Source:  Dealer Marketing Magazine

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