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Targeted Postcard Mailings Make a Difference

Now is the time to develop a targeted postcard mailing plan for the upcoming holidays. The fourth quarter is vital – a make or break time that includes football season, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What you do to ensure a strong showing during peak buying season is up to you, but targeted postcard mailings are sure to grab the attention of buyers.

Here are the top holidays/ events businesses should target using targeted postcard mailing programs, like Our Town America’s Every Door Direct Mail® Service and Intuitive Marketing Postcards.

Football season, professional and college

This six-month holiday is perfect for not only pizzerias, sub shops and wing restaurants, but great for restaurants that offer catering, local delis, and grocery stores that sell food platters, beer, wine, and snacks.


Offers of items that help people prepare for Halloween parties and seasonal fall items are a perfect opportunity to get more foot traffic and long-term customers. A Halloween designed postcard can help you market mums, mulch, and lawn winterizing products; Halloween is the time to market jackets, scarves, and other fall/winter clothing. Restaurants can offer seasonal meals, including Pumpkin Pie or hot soups. Coffee shops can offer their pumpkin spice latte or other fall drink concoction.

Veterans Day

Restaurants can send a targeted postcard offering a meal, or a special offer to veterans and their families on Veteran’s Day. Retail stores and service providers can promote their offer to donate a portion of all sales to veteran organizations. Include a schedule of local Veteran’s Day events such as wreath-laying, parade times and events sponsored by the local VFW and other veteran organizations.


This is a big week for restaurants, delis, and grocery stores, of course, but just about any business can use targeted postcard mailings to highlight the holiday. In addition to turkey and the trimmings, stores can market plates, silverware and any number of kitchen and table items.

Businesses would benefit from sending a Thanksgiving postcard to simply say “Thank You” to their customers. Not only is this a pleasant surprise for the customers, but it can also serve as an opportunity to advertise Black Friday discounts at the same time.

Christmas/Happy Holidays

Christmas is the consumer-spending focus of the Winter holidays, so of course you will want to send your targeted postcards long before December 25th. As mentioned, this is the time of year to send out personalized postcards saying thank you to your customers.

New Year’s Day

Your targeted postcard mailing should mark the end of a great year, as well as the beginning of a new year, focusing on the importance of the customer’s relationship with you and your business.

Our Town America’s targeted postcard mailings

Our Town America offers two targeted postcard mailing programs that let businesses advertise year-round. They differ in the routes they cover and the way they are delivered, but both are effective and provide a great return on investment.

The Every Door Direct Mail® Service

Based on U.S. Post Office carrier routes, this targeted postcard mailing blankets every address on the mail route. This is a turnkey program that lets businesses stay competitive by marketing their holiday and event-based offers to residents within their desired area.

This program is especially easy because it is not dependent on you having a list of names and addresses. If you don’t have a mailing list, the EDDM program delivers wherever people inhabit a home or apartment within your chosen geographic area.

EDDM® benefits include:

  • Delivery of a stand-alone solo mailer
  • Very affordable
  • Five different postcard sizes available
  • Can be targeted by specific ZIP Codes or by carrier route
  • Radius around any mailing address

Intuitive Marketing (IM) Postcards

IM Postcards consist of demographically targeted mailings.

That means businesses can mail to any population based on one or more demographic definition. If your business has a mailing list with names and addresses, then you can utilize the IM Postcard Program. This is direct communication to a current customer base or any demographic criteria the business chooses.

Our Town America can manage your IM Postcard campaign and provides businesses with the option of our oversized, full-color postcard with a time-tested message aligned with the products or service you sell.

Remember, the busiest consumer-buying time is during the holidays as consumers spend more during the fourth quarter of the year than they do the rest of the year. Be sure to launch a targeted postcard mailing to reach every customer you can.

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