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Gifts vs. Discounts: Crafting an Unforgettable Brand Experience

Gifts vs Discounts Our Town America Marketing

Imagine you’re a discerning customer faced with two choices: Business A offers a run-of-the-mill discount, while Business B surprises you with a personalized gift. In this battle between discounts and free gifts, it’s the latter that prevails as the true game-changer. Our Town America knows the value of going beyond the ordinary with our New Mover Marketing program. We understand that a well-thought-out gift can set your business apart, leaving a profound and lasting impression on new customers. In a world saturated with choices, the power of a thoughtful gift cannot be underestimated. While discounts might be a common marketing go-to for many businesses, offering a personalized gift transforms a transaction into a memorable experience, leaving an indelible mark on customer consciousness. Distinguishing Your Brand in a Crowded Marketplace Amid fierce competition, the art of gift-giving shines as a beacon of differentiation. While discounts are conventional, a carefully chosen gift becomes a testament to your commitment to excellence. This approach fosters brand recognition and cements your business’ identity in customers’ minds. The Illusion of Value: Gifts as a Symbol of Quality Gifts wield the power of perceived value. A thoughtful gift, meticulously tailored to your customers’ needs, can evoke a sense of worth beyond mere monetary transactions. This perception of value translates to heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty, illustrating your unwavering belief in your product’s caliber. Cultivating Emotional Bonds Through Gifting A well-chosen gift has the potential to establish emotional connections that transcend transactions. By aligning gifts with customers’ interests and needs, you are nurturing relationships rather than facilitating transactions. Offering gifts during pivotal moments, such as relocations, crystallizes your brand as a source of comfort during significant life transitions. Amplifying Brand Visibility Through Word-of-Mouth Gifts breed positive experiences that beg to be shared. Satisfied customers, touched by your thoughtful gesture, become vocal advocates for your brand. The resulting word-of-mouth marketing amplifies your brand’s presence, driving referrals and organic growth. Beyond Transient Gratification: Gifts for Long-term Impact Discounts might lure customers momentarily, but their focus often remains fixated on price. In contrast, a gift cultivates enduring positive sentiments. The resonance of a gift extends far beyond the initial interaction, fostering a lasting and favorable impression. The Pinnacle of New Mover Marketing: A Gateway to Lasting Customer Relations In the whirlwind of modern business, forging authentic connections and nurturing lasting customer relationships is paramount. This is where the brilliance of New Mover Marketing takes center stage, offering businesses a strategic edge. By targeting individuals who’ve recently relocated, you position your business as the obvious industry go-to in the area – before the new mover has established loyalties to any of your competitors. This is key. Data-Driven Precision in New Mover Marketing Leveraging rich data and analytics, New Mover Marketing empowers businesses to precisely identify and engage with recently relocated individuals. Armed with reliable data, you can craft highly personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with the unique circumstances of new residents, paving the way for meaningful connections. Real-world Impact: Testimonials Speak Volumes Patrick Foster, owner of two Jet’s Pizza locations in Michigan, has experienced the transformational power of New Mover Marketing firsthand. “I’ve been introduced to over 1,900 customers redeeming gift certificates for a free large pizza,” he attests, a testament to the tangible impact of this strategy. Foster has been utilizing Our Town America’s New Mover Marketing Program for 13 consecutive years. He continues to gain a new set of new customers every moth. Selecting the right New Mover Marketing partner can be daunting, but with over 50 years of experience, Our Town America stands out. We champion the power of gifts in establishing customer loyalty. Our carefully curated lists, cutting-edge technology, turnkey program and more set us apart from direct mail companies who follow suit. We are confident that, with our help, your business will make a great first impression on new movers and will experience growth as a result. To learn more about the benefits of New Mover Marketing, reach out to your local Our Town America representative. Your journey toward crafting meaningful customer relationships and propelling your business toward unprecedented success can begin today! Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Unleash The Power Of Organic Marketing: Captivating Hearts & Minds

Organic Marketing by Our Town America

Forbes Technology Council — In a world bombarded by advertising messages, it’s become increasingly challenging to capture the attention of consumers. Traditional marketing tactics are often met with skepticism, causing businesses to seek innovative ways to engage their audience organically. Join us on a journey to unlock the secrets of unforgettable marketing, where authenticity and genuine connections reign supreme. Discover how to captivate hearts and minds, leaving a lasting impression that sets your brand apart in a sea of noise. Providing Genuine Value: Inspire, Educate And Empower Step away from the traditional sales pitch and focus on providing genuine value to your audience. Offer insightful content that resonates with their interests and needs. Become a trusted source of information, guiding them through their challenges and empowering them to make informed decisions. By putting their needs first, you establish credibility and build a loyal following that views your brand as a valuable resource. Entertaining Experiences: Spark Emotions And Forge Connections Imagine if your marketing efforts could evoke laughter, bring a tear to the eye or ignite a sense of wonder. By framing your messages within captivating stories, you can create memorable experiences that go beyond mere promotion. Touch the hearts of your audience, make them laugh or inspire them to take action. When marketing becomes an emotional journey, your brand becomes intertwined with their lives, ensuring a lasting connection. Authentic Conversations: Listen, Engage And Inspire Break down the walls between your brand and your customers by actively listening and engaging in meaningful conversations. Embrace social media, forums and comment sections as platforms for dialogue. Respond genuinely to their inquiries, concerns and feedback, showing that their voices matter. By fostering authentic interactions, you build trust and loyalty, transforming customers into brand advocates who will enthusiastically spread the word about your business. The Power Of User-Generated Content: Real Stories, Real Impact Harness the power of your customers’ voices by encouraging them to share their experiences through reviews, testimonials and social media posts. User-generated content adds a layer of authenticity and credibility to your marketing efforts. It demonstrates that real people have benefited from your products or services, creating a sense of trust and making your brand feel more relatable. Let their stories inspire and influence others, amplifying the organic reach of your marketing efforts. Transparency And Integrity: Honesty That Builds Trust In a world of exaggerated claims and empty promises, stand out by embracing transparency and integrity. Acknowledge that you are marketing your products or services, but do so in a way that highlights the genuine benefits for your customers. Avoid hyperbole and misleading tactics, as honesty fosters trust. Consumers appreciate brands that are open and authentic, making them more likely to engage and connect with your message. The Timeless Appeal Of Direct Mail: Cutting Through The Digital Noise While digital methods have their place, don’t overlook the power of traditional marketing methods like direct mail. In a world dominated by email and social media, receiving a physical piece of mail stands out. Personalize your direct mail campaigns to make recipients feel special and valued. Utilize creative designs and compelling copy to capture attention and leave a lasting impression. Direct mail allows you to cut through the digital noise and create a tactile, memorable experience that engages your audience on a deeper level. In a world where traditional marketing approaches often fall flat, the key to success lies in organic engagement that captivates hearts and minds. By implying the tactics mentioned above, you can create a marketing strategy that is engaging, memorable and genuinely connects with your audience. Embrace the power of organic marketing and watch as your brand flourishes in the hearts and minds of consumers. Article by Forbes Technology Council Member and President/CEO/CTO of Our Town America, Michael Plummer Jr. Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives.  Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Rev Up Your Automotive Marketing: 5 Tips for Gaining New Customers

Automotive Marketing Ideas 2023 Our Town America

The automotive/car care industry is constantly evolving and, to stay competitive and retain a robust customer base, car dealers and aftermarket repair shops need to make strategic marketing decisions. Lets explore effective car care business marketing tips to drive traffic and increase sales. By implementing these strategies, you can stay ahead of emerging automotive industry trends and attract new customers to your business. Embrace Emerging Trends: As the automotive industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for businesses to stay updated with the latest trends. Electric vehicles are gaining popularity, and more customers are opting for eco-friendly technology. As a car dealer or repair shop, consider incorporating electric vehicle servicing into your offerings. Additionally, with the increasing digitization of vehicles, investing in the latest diagnostic tools and training your staff to handle software-defined cars can give you an edge over your competitors. New Mover Marketing: One highly effective and cost-efficient approach to building a loyal customer base is through New Mover Marketing. In 2022, 44.3 million people moved, creating a significant market of potential customers. New movers are actively seeking reliable service providers, making them ideal targets for car dealerships and auto repair shops. By offering welcome packages or gift certificates, you can make a memorable first impression on these new residents and increase the likelihood of them choosing your services. Referral Challenge: Referrals are an essential component of any successful marketing strategy. Customers trust recommendations from their friends, family, and online reviews when making purchasing decisions. Encourage your existing customers to participate in a referral challenge by offering incentives for successful recommendations. This not only rewards your loyal customers, but also helps you expand your customer base through word-of-mouth marketing. First-Time Customer Discounts: Everyone loves a good deal, and first-time customers are no exception. Offering discounts or special offers for first-time car buyers or repair service customers shows that you value their business and encourages them to return in the future. These discounts can be a powerful incentive to attract new customers and build lasting relationships with them. Launch a Loyalty Program: To encourage customer retention and repeat business, consider implementing a loyalty program. By rewarding customers with discounts or exclusive benefits after a certain number of visits or purchases, you create an added incentive for them to choose your services consistently. A well-structured loyalty program can increase customer satisfaction and foster brand loyalty. The automotive industry is experiencing rapid changes, and it’s essential for car dealers and auto repair shops to adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. By embracing emerging trends, leveraging New Mover Marketing, encouraging referrals, offering first-time customer discounts, and launching a loyalty program, you can drive new customer traffic and boost your sales. Stay proactive and innovative in your approach to ensure you attract and retain customers in this competitive landscape. If you’re interested in implementing New Mover Marketing strategies and want to drive traffic to your car care business, connect with a local representative from Our Town America. Start welcoming new movers today to gain an edge over your competitors. Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Marketing Ideas to Help Your Burger Joint Stand Out

Marketing Ideas to Help Your Burger Joint Stand Out by Our Town America QSR Magazine

QSR Magazine — Local burger joints hold a special place in the community; they’re the perfect place to gather to watch the big game or an easy, quick dinner option when the customer doesn’t want to cook. IBISWorld finds that there are nearly 92,000 burger joints in the country. So, it’s vital that your restaurant uses the best of the best QSR Marketing ideas in order to influence customers to choose them over the other option down the street from them. Direct Mailers These campaigns are a powerful tool for burger restaurants to reach potential customers in their local market. Eye-catching mailers that showcase enticing food visuals and irresistible offers pique the interest of potential customers and encourage them to visit the restaurant. Personalization is key. Segmenting the mailing list based on demographics and preferences ensures the message resonates with the right audience. New Mover Mailers Similar to direct mailers, New Mover Mailers are a great tool to put your restaurant’s name in front of potential new customers. New Mover Mailers provide a unique opportunity to introduce your burger joint to individuals who have recently moved to your area before they check out any of your competition. These people are actively searching for new places to dine and explore, making them receptive to local restaurant suggestions and mailers. By offering a warm welcome and an attractive introductory offer through targeted mailers, you can effectively capture the attention of these potential customers and convert them into loyal customers. Our Town America mails new residents a welcome package filled with one-time-use housewarming offers, such as a gift certificate to a local burger joint. The gift certificate gets them in through your doors. Then, with exceptional customer service, you can earn their repeat business. Lastly, to encourage continued interest, the program sends a follow-up postcard mailer to get them back through your doors. Loyalty Programs Loyalty programs can be a game-changer for your burger joint. As humans, we love that personal connection. By offering rewards, exclusive discounts, and personalized experiences to repeat customers, you build a bond with them that makes them feel connected and appreciated. First, offer a deal when they sign up for the loyalty program or app, so it’s worth their time and effort to sign up. Then, encourage customers to spread positive commentary on your restaurant and incentivize referrals with the loyalty program. Leverage mobile apps or physical loyalty cards to make the program accessible and user-friendly. The mobile app gives you another advertising channel. You can send push notifications to keep you in front of loyal customers. Social Media, Digital Ads and Google Review Engagement In today’s world, it’s crucial for QSRs to meet their customers where they spend their free time — social media. Use location-based digital advertising on Facebook and Instagram to target local customers. Then, engaging with your target audience through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can share mouth-watering images of your burgers, interact with customers in real-time, and build a community around your brand. You can encourage customers to post content of them enjoying your restaurant by offering them deals or chances to win something.  BrightLocal reports that 87% of people checked Google reviews to evaluate local businesses last year. That means a majority of your potential customers will look at what people are saying on Google. Responding to those reviews in a quick, positive manner shows potential customers that you care. To increase the number of your quality reviews, encourage people to leave reviews while they’re at your burger joint.  In the crowded QSR and burger restaurant markets, standing out is essential for your business to thrive. By employing effective QSR marketing ideas, such as direct mailer campaigns, new mover mailers, loyalty programs, digital advertising, and social media engagement, you can carve your niche and attract a loyal customer base. Embrace and show off your brand. Make it authentic and build that relationship with your community. From there, you’ll watch your restaurant become the go-to destination on burger night for locals. Contact us today to reach new customers! 1-800-497-8360 Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Dominate the Pizza Market: Unleash the Power of New Mover Marketing

Dominate the Pizza Market Our Town America New Mover Marketing

To secure a bigger slice of the thriving pizza market, it is crucial for pizza marketing programs to target new residents with a robust and strategic New Mover Marketing campaign. A Timeless Dinner Staple: Originating in Naples, Italy during the 17th century, pizza quickly became a popular choice for working-class Italians seeking a fast, on-the-go meal. In the 19th century, immigrants brought this delectable dish to American shores. While the birthplace of pizza in America remains debated, its widespread popularity is undeniable. Pizza has cemented its position as a Friday night staple in many households across the country, providing hard-working parents with a well-deserved break after a long work week. Indulgence by the Numbers: According to Packaged Facts, the average American consumes 46 slices of pizza annually, making it a beloved culinary indulgence. Pepperoni and sausage consistently rank as the top two pizza toppings. In fact, pizza joints in the United States are projected to generate a staggering $65 billion in revenue this year alone. Insights into Pizza Marketing: The COVID-19 pandemic has witnessed a surge in eateries offering delivery and curbside pickup, expanding customers’ takeout options. To stay competitive, pizza restaurants must amplify their marketing efforts. Employing a combination of traditional advertising and innovative digital strategies through an omnichannel marketing approach will be instrumental in ensuring the continued success of your pizza joint. Here are some key marketing strategies to incorporate into your lineup. New Mover Marketing: New Mover Marketing enables pizza establishments to reach out to potential customers who have recently relocated to the area. When people move to a new neighborhood or city, they start from scratch and need to establish new routines and connections. By specifically targeting new movers, pizza shops can introduce themselves to potential customers and entice them with attractive incentives to give their pizza a try. Satisfied new customers often refer their friends and family, thereby further expanding the business’ reach. Our Town America, with over 50 years of experience, has excelled in connecting new residents with local small businesses. Our personalized Welcome Package is carefully curated with proven offers designed to delight new movers and foster a loyal following for your restaurant. Once a new resident visits your eatery or places a delivery order, we send a heartfelt thank-you message accompanied by a second offer, ensuring your business stays top-of-mind. With our TruTrak® app, you can conveniently track your return on investment at the point of sale. The owner of East of Chicago Pizza in Lima, Ohio, said that what he likes best about our program is the vast variety of new faces it brings into his business. Once a new face is brought in the door, he says they can keep their customers from there. Harness the Power of Smartphones: With smartphones always within reach, they provide a reliable and effective means to connect with customers. Launching a mobile app simplifies the ordering process for customers, while push notifications serve as timely reminders that it’s a perfect night for pizza. Implementing a text messaging campaign enables hassle-free communication with customers about new deals and menu items. Digital Advertising: Expanding Reach and Driving Sales: In today’s digital age, running targeted online advertisements is crucial for maximizing the reach of your pizza marketing efforts. With the ever-increasing use of smartphones and online platforms, digital ads offer an effective way to reach a vast audience of pizza enthusiasts across various online platforms, such as social media, search engines, and food-related websites. By strategically placing your ads, you can target specific demographics, interests, and geographical locations, ensuring that your message reaches the right people at the right time. Cultivate Customer Loyalty: Given that approximately 43% of Americans enjoy pizza on a weekly basis, implementing a customer loyalty program is a savvy choice. These programs incentivize repeat visits by offering discounts and rewards. Support local charities. Elevate your brand and establish your company as a local community member by supporting local charities. Giving back increases customer loyalty, improves employee retention, and the free publicity drives traffic to your eatery. Learn More About Our Town America Relying on new movers and developments in technology as part of your pizza marketing strategy will help your restaurant stay on top of the competition and provide hassle-free solutions to drive repeat traffic. Inquire now to learn more about Our Town America’s New Mover Marketing and direct mail initiatives. Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Restaurants Build a Loyal Customer Base by Offering Freebies

Restaurants Build a Loyal Customer Base Modern Restaurant Management Our Town America Marketing

Modern Restaurant Management — A 10-percent discount for a local restaurant is of course appreciated, but when looking to grab the attention of new customers – offering free food via direct mail has proven to be a more effective strategy. Benefits of Restaurant Freebies Everyone enjoys getting things for free. Whether it’s a side of fries, a bread basket, or a birthday dinner, the psychology of freebies is innate. Free food leverages the principle of reciprocity: when someone gives you something, you usually feel obligated to provide a benefit in return. A free meal helps create lifelong customers. Nearly 65 percent of a company’s business comes from existing customers, and 43 percent of customers spend more money at businesses they frequent regularly. Discounts can briefly generate an increase in sales, but they generally attract bargain hunters who will turn to another brand at the first sign of a better deal. Offering strategic freebies helps form relationships and delivers real value. A freebie is an easy way to improve customer service and form a loyal relationship with a customer. It’s also a great tool to highlight new menu items and products. Customers expect great customer service; retention is significantly less expensive than having to continuously add new customers. At least 88% of customers have higher customer service expectations than in the past, according to a survey conducted by Hubspot. Direct Mail Freebies Reach Targets Sending free offers via direct mail is an efficient way to reach your customer demographic. You can blanket a zip code or send the message straight to existing customers. Many companies rely on email to reach existing customers. While email can be effective, it often gets lost in the shuffle. In 2023, experts predict 347.3 billion emails will be sent and received each day, according to Statista. The average American worker spends 28 percent of their time managing their email inbox, McKinsey & Company reports. When you combine email with other electronic forms of communication, such as texting and instant messaging, it’s no wonder Americans are suffering from communication overload. Postcards are a tangible token people still appreciate in our digital world. New Mover Marketing Relies on Freebies New mover marketing relies on reciprocity to help small businesses add loyal customers by using direct mail to reach new households before they form relationships with competitors. Nearly 27.1 million people moved in 2021, and trends indicate a growing number of people are making long-distance moves. The National Association of Realtors tracks migration. They revealed people are leaving California, New York and Illinois for warmer climates, such as Florida, Texas and the Carolinas. Amidst the chaos of unpacking boxes and turning their new houses into homes, they must form new routines and try out local businesses. New residents are crunched for time and searching for ways to lighten the load as they adjust to their new location. A direct mail gift certificate is a welcome gesture they won’t forget. Loyalty Programs Add Value Provide a solid customer service experience and deliver a great product to drive repeat visits. To help generate repeat business, restaurants should consider offering a loyalty program for valued customers. Loyalty programs vary, depending on the type of food you serve. A coffee shop may offer free coffee after six visits. A pizza delivery location might add a medium one-topping pizza for free if you opt for carryout. Some upscale eateries gift a free birthday meal to regular customers so they can be part of someone’s special day. You even have the option of running a supplemental digital marketing campaign to both the new movers in your list as well as additional consumers in your desired geographical region. Take steps to create a marketing strategy that includes offering freebies. It will help you add new customers and ensure the goodwill of your regular diners. Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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How Informed Delivery Can Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns

Informed Delivery Our Town America

Our Town America leverages Informed Delivery to revolutionize your direct mail efforts and provide you with a distinct technological edge. Informed Delivery is a powerful and cost-effective marketing concept designed to help you attract loyal customers and drive sales. What is Informed Delivery? Informed Delivery, introduced by the United States Postal Service in 2014, has captivated residents with its innovative features. It allows individuals to digitally preview their letter-sized mail and efficiently manage packages. By capturing images of the mail with high-speed sorting machines, Informed Delivery sends digital previews to registered residents. After filling out an online request form, users can start receiving notifications within just three days via email, an online dashboard, or the USPS mobile app. Informed Delivery presents an exceptional marketing tool for small businesses, enabling them to generate more impressions, interactions, and invaluable insights. An impressive 25% of the United States population, approximately 54 million people, have registered for Informed Delivery, with nearly 46 million users equipped with email capabilities. By participating in the program, small businesses can include supplementary campaigns that accompany the traditional scanned image. The custom image and URL chosen by the business serve as compelling calls-to-action that have the potential to skyrocket online traffic and elevate brand awareness. The Advantages of Informed Delivery Now, let’s delve into the remarkable advantages of incorporating this focused marketing idea into your direct mail program: High ROI: Informed Delivery takes physical mail to new heights by enhancing its value. It consistently generates higher email open rates compared to traditional email marketing campaigns, building consumer trust along the way. In fact, an impressive 68% of Informed Delivery emails were opened, and it generated a staggering 1.4 billion campaign impressions in 2022, as reported by USPS. Data Insights: As an integral part of the Informed Delivery program, USPS offers a comprehensive mailer campaign portal that allows you to manage your account effectively. By accessing streamlined data and insightful reports, you can accurately gauge the effectiveness of your digital efforts, empowering you to make informed marketing decisions. Easy Implementation: Integrating Informed Delivery seamlessly fits into your existing direct mail strategy. It’s a straightforward extension of your current approach, and its implementation is hassle-free. Additionally, you have the flexibility to target diverse groups based on a variety of demographics, ensuring maximum impact and relevancy. Affordability: The best part about the Informed Delivery program is that it comes at no cost to you. While you’ll need to design the creative materials for distribution, incorporating Informed Delivery into your marketing arsenal is an affordable and accessible way to cultivate a loyal customer base. Shareability: Informed Delivery’s social sharing feature empowers users to share the interactive target URLs they receive on Facebook. Considering that Facebook remains the most popular social media platform with a staggering user base of over 242.86 million in the U.S., this feature serves as a potent catalyst for driving online engagement and expanding your brand’s reach. Our Town America: Pioneers in Direct Mail For over 50 years, Our Town America has been at the forefront of helping small businesses attract and retain loyal customers. Our unrivaled new mover marketing program allows you to reach new residents before they establish loyalties to your competitors. We send an upscale Welcome Package brimming with proven offers designed to entice customers to visit your business. Our direct mail postcards serve as an exceptionally effective medium to deliver your message. Direct mail, known for its affordability, ease of tracking, and ability to target specific demographics, garnered the largest return on investment for letter-sized mailers in 2021, as highlighted by a report released in January by the Association of National Advertisers. Adding Informed Delivery helps bridge the gap between tactile messaging and technology. Smartphones are ubiquitous in our society. A whopping 85% of Americans have a smartphone, giving them easy access to information about local businesses. With just a few clicks, customers can learn about a new business and share it with their friends. Adding a digital component to a marketing effort pays off. A total of 96% of marketers expect to see improvement in the performance of traditional physical marketing when they include a digital component, the ANA reports. With Our Town America, businesses also have the option to run a supplemental digital marketing campaign alongside your new mover marketing or postcard marketing campaign. With taking advantage of Informed Delivery, direct mail and a digital marketing campaign – your business is sure to increase your foot traffic. Learn More About Our Town America Our Town America is ready to help you learn more about the value of these services. Visit www.ourtownamerica.com to launch a campaign and boost sales by adding new residents to your customer base. Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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Offer a Free Dental Cleaning to Attract New Movers

Offer a Free Cleaning to New Movers Our Town America Marketing

Dentistry Today Magazine — New movers can be a huge asset to dentists. Welcoming them to the neighborhood by offering a free cleaning as part of a new mover marketing program can help get them in the door and introduce them to your practice. Competing with the hefty marketing budgets of large dental chains can be challenging for local practices. Small dental offices can capitalize on new movers to tap into a potential customer base in transition. In the United States, more than 27.1 million people move each year. The top three reasons people pack up and make a move are to improve their quality of life, lower cost of living, and live in a larger home, according to a survey conducted by Home Bay, an online moving and real estate resource. In fact, 25% of Americans who relocated in 2022 left city life and moved to the suburbs. BENEFITS OF A FREE GIFT The hallmark of a new mover marketing program is offering free gifts. Providing new movers with a free cleaning can go a long way to endearing you to potential patients. Remember the last time you got a gift in the mail or a surprise flower delivery? Receiving a gift makes people feel good, and the thoughtfulness of the gesture is appreciated. A free gift offers many perks and pays for itself in the long run. Let’s explore some of the benefits of a free gift. Increase patient satisfaction. At least 48% of people dread going to the dentist, and only 5% of people go to the dentist each year. Receiving a free dental cleaning can spur people to schedule an appointment they’ve been putting off. As you’re aware, avoiding the dentist can lead to gum disease and increase the chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Securing your preferred dental office shortly after a move will ensure cleanings remain on schedule. A free gift can engage customers and make them regular visitors. Once you attract them to your business by offering a free gift, turn them into loyal customers by providing a positive customer service experience. Raise brand awareness. Raising brand awareness builds trust and is a necessary step to building a loyal customer base. Ramping up brand awareness is particularly important for dental practices as they do not typically have overly-pronounced street signage or television advertising. A free gift can help showcase your brand’s philosophy and is a useful tool to welcome new patients to your practice. Differentiate your brand. A free cleaning can help differentiate your brand and enable you to stand out from the competition. As the amount of chain dental practices grows, local establishments need to double down on marketing to continue to add new patients. Generate positive reviews. Positive word-of-mouth references are also an important tool. Positive reviews help generate new business. At least 9 out of 10 customers read online reviews, and others get recommendations from family and friends before visiting a new business. Word-of-mouth marketing can increase sales and build a loyal customer base. Valuable reminder. Many customers put off scheduling a dental appointment because they are concerned about cost. A free cleaning shows that you appreciate your prospective customer’s time, and serves as a trial run for your business. USE FREE GIFTS TO TARGET NEW CUSTOMERS New residents need to build routines and establish a relationship with businesses in their new community, including finding doctors and dentists. Moving is pricey, and many new homeowners are searching for ways to cut costs as they fork out cash to turn their houses into homes. One in three Americans went over budget on their move, Home Bay reports. Treating new residents to a free cleaning can be a welcome relief and be the motivation that prompts them to pick up the phone and schedule a cleaning. New mover marketing offers a tangible, tactile tool for treating new residents to a free cleaning; it adds a personal touch that is useful. Our Town America has introduced new residents to businesses in their local community for more than 50 years. Our new mover direct mail marketing programs rely on carefully curated, up-to-date lists to make sure your message reaches potential customers. Our program starts by sending a first-class Welcome Package to new residents before they form loyalties with your competitors. The proven offers are free gifts, not discounts. Once a person redeems a free cleaning, our technology can automatically trigger a ‘thank you’ offer to keep your practice top-of-mind. The TruTrak® app lets you easily keep track of redemptions at the point of sale or at your convenience on a mobile device. You also have the option to run a supplemental digital marketing campaign to both the new movers in your list, as well as additional consumers in your desired geographical region. Targeting new residents with a free cleaning is a cost-effective marketing strategy with a high return on investment. Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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The Power of In-Person

The Power of In-Person Marketing Our Town America

While online ordering and digital ads undoubtedly have their place, in-person shopping and traditional marketing techniques remain a powerful, immersive experience. The In-Person Advantage Staying current on the news, finding directions, and completing a shopping list can all be done online with a few clicks, and at least 85% of Americans rely on smartphones to get the job done. Two-day shipping and free delivery make shopping online an attractive option for people who are crunched for time. Technology makes it easier than ever to check boxes off the to-do list. The average American spends 4.5 hours per day on their smartphones, surfing social media, streaming entertainment and online shopping. As we turn to digital services, many small businesses focus solely on digital advertising. Online ads reach customers where they spend the bulk of their time and can be a cost-effective way to get the word out about a brand.  Despite living in a digital world, there’s no replacement for in-person experiences. In-person shopping allows you to make purchases in real-time and experience the product immediately. It removes the guesswork of ordering online, limiting the need to make a return.  The same in-person shopping advantages apply to traditional marketing. Receiving a tangible offer remains one of the most effective ways to get the message out about your brand. Some “experts” may try to tell you we’ve evolved past direct mail. But they’d be wrong. Research reveals Americans would be disappointed if they stopped receiving mail, according to a United States Postal Service study. Across the generations, people perceive direct mail as being more personal. It’s trusted more than email alternatives, and many prefer to read promotional messages via direct mail.  Welcome New Residents Our Town America takes it a step further by focusing on new movers to help you attract new customers and build your loyal customer base. New movers spend more during their first year as they turn their house into a home. A new homeowner of a single-family home spends an average of $9,250 more than an existing resident, according to the National Association of Home Builders.  Recent movers need to secure new doctors, dentists, hair salons and their favorite new grocery stores. They’ll also be on the lookout for their new favorite grocery store, pizza joint and coffee shop. Capturing new movers’ attention before they visit your competitor makes all the difference. Benefits of New Mover Marketing We send new residents a Welcome Package filled with proven offers to local businesses. The gift arrives as they unpack boxes, adjust to new routines and venture out into the community. Let’s explore the advantages of Our Town America’s New Mover Marketing program. Proven offers. We don’t send potential customers discounts. Our proven offers are free gifts designed to entice them to visit your establishment. Once they come through the door, it’s up to you to provide a memorable customer service experience to make them repeat visitors. Clean lists. At Our Town America, our mailing lists are updated each month to remain current. We collect data from at least 11 sources to ensure our lists are accurate and effective. This means no wasted coverage – no lost advertising dollars. High ROI. New Mover Marketing is a cost-effective strategy with a high return on investment. The one-time, upscale mailing makes a lasting impression. Targeted. New Mover Marketing allows you to target new movers. Our other direct mail programs allow you to send your message to customers depending on their income level, location, and household size, and our digital marketing program allows you to hit either or, or both!  Learn More About Our Town America To learn more about making valuable connections with your customer demographic and the benefits of direct mail marketing, find your local Our Town America representative. Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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2023 Marketing Trends You Should Be Paying Attention To

2023 Marketing Trends You Should Be Paying Attention To by Our Town America

Forbes Technology Council — It’s been said that if you are standing still, you are moving backward. This is especially true today. Consumers are more informed and often make purchases based on their values. Plus, the constantly evolving digital age has ushered in a whole new way to reach consumers. If you aren’t considering recent trends and new technologies, you risk losing customers to your competitors. As you plan your marketing strategy for 2023, it is worth thinking about innovative approaches and how adding new tools to your marketing toolbox might impact business. Here’s a look at some of the hottest marketing trends right now and how incorporating one or more of them may help you get the attention you’re looking for. Influencer culture continues to rise. Social media is here to stay, and those businesses that can harness its power can potentially get an edge on their competitors. One way to do this is by using influencers—people who have a large following on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok—to use your products or services and build a buzz about them. You don’t have to partner with a big-name celebrity for your efforts to pay off. Influencers with a smaller reach are often more valuable to a business if they reach the types of consumers likely to buy your products or service. A reel is worth a thousand words. The increasing popularity of Instagram, YouTube and TikTok shows that the best way to get consumers’ attention is to give them something to look at. Facebook Reels in particular grew by 220 million users between July and October of 2022, and TikTok’s 732 million users are expected to continue growing. People may ignore large blocks of text, but they will pause to watch a video. You can provide more information in less time by using moving graphics or short videos in your social media posts and on your website. Take advantage of user-generated content. When a customer posts an online review of your business or shares something you’ve posted on social media, that’s user-generated content. When someone outside your business praises it, it can carry more weight with customers as opposed to you blowing your own horn. Take advantage of this trend by suggesting customers post pictures of themselves enjoying your product/service on their social media feeds and then link to your business’s own social media. Also, encourage satisfied customers to review your business on sites like Google or Yelp. Email is still an efficient engagement method. Just because it’s been around for a while doesn’t mean that email is not an important part of your digital marketing toolbox. According to research by marketing software developer HubSpot, the average return on investment for email marketing is $36 for every dollar spent. Projections show that by 2025, there will be 4.6 billion daily email users. An email is a way to connect directly to current customers. By personalizing the email based on their past purchases, you have an even better chance of keeping them engaged. Direct mail continues to make an impact. Your 2023 plan shouldn’t rely totally on digital marketing. One of the earliest forms of business-to-consumer marketing, direct mail, will continue to make an impact in 2023. The latest data from the United States Postal Service show that 73% of all households read their mail daily. This tried-and-true method of reaching consumers where they live is even more valuable when combined with the technology available today. It allows you to target specific consumers who are likely to patronize your business. For instance, if you run a school or day care, you can target families with children. Local businesses have been very successful using new-mover marketing campaigns to encourage new residents to become their customers. Combine strategies for an omnichannel approach. Whatever strategies you decide on for your 2023 marketing plan, remember that they need to all work together to present a consistent brand. The first step to this is making sure your branding, audience and goals are clearly defined. Companies that try to be all things to all people sometimes fail to make an impact. Next, communicate the specifics to your marketing team. They must understand exactly what you are trying to do so they can in turn get your message out to the public. When you are laying out your marketing plan, don’t compartmentalize it. If it’s to work properly, it needs to be represented by a circular flow. For instance, your emails and direct mail should send recipients to your social media sites where you’ve shared user-generated content. This way, each campaign reinforces the next, increasing the likelihood that consumers will remember you when it’s time to decide which business to patronize. The bottom line is that your marketing strategy needs to be reviewed regularly to make sure it is growing and changing along with your business. By staying abreast of the latest trends, you will best position your company to catch the attention of the consumers who may one day become your customers. Article by Forbes Technology Council Member and President/CEO/CTO of Our Town America, Michael Plummer Jr. Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives.  Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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