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Direct Mail Expert Launches Franchise in South Puget Sound

Our Town America South Puget Sound

Our Town America, the nation’s premier New Mover Marketing franchise, has announced its first Washington location in South Puget Sound.  This is big news as the Our Town America business model, a Direct Mail Marketing program specializing in delivering warm community welcome packages filled with free offers for new residents, is a perfect fit for South Puget Sound – a fast-growing city filled with local businesses eager to develop loyal relationships with new customers. […]

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New Movers are a Mission-critical Audience for Auto Dealerships

Remember the days when the new family in the neighborhood received a homemade pie and directions to all the cool spots around town from the family next door? Sadly, in today’s increasingly mobile and tech-savvy world, housewarming gestures are rare. And with moving numbers back on the rise, millions of movers are forced to explore their new town on their own and blindly seek out new relationships with area businesses. […]

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Why is Direct Mail Effective?

Effective Direct Mail Our Town America New Mover Marketing

Any business that wants to grow has two ways of doing this: 1) by growing your customer base, or 2)by increasing your average sale. To grow your customer base, you must reach out to new potential customers and engage them in your brand. Today, there are more marketing options than ever before such as digital marketing, email marketing, social media and direct mail. […]

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Why Target New Movers

Target New Movers Our Town America New Mover Marketing

When we live in a community for a period, we form loyalties to local businesses. We use the same hair salon, same dry cleaners, same dentist, same auto repair shop, etc. Most married couples only have about 5 or 6 restaurants they go to regularly. And when they visit one of those restaurants, they usually order something off the menu they’ve ordered many times before. We’re creatures of habit. […]

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Bassam Safi Moves to America with a Dream and Opens his Own Franchise

Bassam Safi Our Town America

Lebanese-American Bassam Safi came to America years ago without a college degree, little understanding of the English language, and a dream. He worked excruciatingly long hours making and delivering pizzas for a small Domino’s Pizza location just to make ends meet. However, he knew he was destined for more and his persistence has more than paid off. He has realized his dreams of business ownership with Our Town America, the nation’s premiere new mover marketing company. […]

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