Pizza Restaurant Customer Acquisition

For a Pizza Restaurant, welcoming New Movers is a No Brainer.

Press Play below to hear why Manizza's Pizza owner is a wholehearted believer in New Mover Marketing.

New Mover Marketing

A two-part system that will get new customers through your Pizzeria's doors & keep them coming back!

1. The First Mailing: Your Gift Certificate in our Welcome Package

New Mover Welcome Package Our Town America Each month, your gift certificate arrives to the home of new movers inside a personalized Welcome Package from the community. It is proven to get opened & acted upon.

2. Optional Second Mailing: "Thank You" Postcard

The optional second mailing is a custom designed, full-color postcard mailed to those who redeem your gift certificate. We take care of the design, printing & mailing at no extra charge. Thank them & invite them back with an optional second offer.

Postcard Marketing

No minimums. No contracts. Many sizes & options available.

Intuitive Marketing™ Targeted Postcards

Mail to your customer base or add to it, with any demographic criteria you wish. Birthdays, anniversaries, grand openings, etc. Addressed by name. List required.


EDDM® Saturation Postcards (Every Door Direct Mail)

Mail to Every Home, Every Address, Every Time. Target based on neighborhood, distance, income, or age. No list needed.

Digital Marketing

Supplement Your Mailings to Increase Brand Awareness.

Our Town Digital integrates with the most effective channels to get the best results. Keep your ads in front of customers while they're on the internet & social media.

  • Increase conversions
  • Serve ads to your target market
  • Retarget website visitors with ads on Facebook, Instagram and/or Google
  • Informed Delivery
  • Call Tracking
  • QR Code Tracking
  • & more!

Digital Ads can be tied to a mailing or ran on their own.

Customer Acquisition by Our Town America


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