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Franchisee Success: Susan Nagi, Phoenix and Las Vegas

Susan Nagi Turned a Vacation into a Career as Las Vegas' New Mover Marketing Expert

A trip to Las Vegas traditionally ends with cherished memories, some keepsakes and more often than not, a little less cash. Susan Nagi is bucking that trend. Nagi is the owner of a Phoenix-area Our Town America franchise and recently launched a brand-new franchise in Vegas. As an experienced franchisee of Our Town America , the nation’s fastest growing New Mover Marketing franchise, Nagi knows this isn’t a gamble – launching in Sin City is a well-calculated investment.

A good chunk of Nagi's youth was spent traveling. She was born in London, to parents who loved to explore, so she lived in multiple countries throughout her childhood years. “I lived in England, Greece, Germany, over in Europe as well as Texas here in the states before my parents decided to settle in Hawaii,” says Nagi.

She’s kept her parents’ adventurous spirit ever since. Her decision to buy an Our Town America franchise was spawned practically by chance. “I bought my first franchise three and a half years ago after meeting a franchise consultant,” says Nagi. “We initially met on a social level and while I wasn't completely sold on buying a franchise, I took her franchise matching personality profile anyway.”

Nagi was apprehensive because in her head, a franchise equated to a chain pizza joint. She had already had an experience with pizza, as she helped run a mom and pop pizza joint in her teenage years.

Years later, at 35 years old, tragedy struck when Nagi’s mother passed away. So, with inheritance in hand, Nagi purchased a Recreational Vehicle and embarked on a trek across the continental U.S. Part of that trip involved joining the carnival during the winter months in Florida. For a few seasons, she traveled with the carnival as the office manager.

When that came to an end, Nagi found herself back in Hawaii. With the move, she found love and marriage. The pair moved to Phoenix, where she landed a job working for a printing company. “I thought I was on the verge of being a working stiff,” she says. Thankfully, she decided to take that personality test.

It ended up changing her life. That test revealed Our Town America matched her skillset. She decided to push her chips into the middle of the metaphorical table. “I lacked the money to buy a franchise,” says Nagi. “Some stars aligned, some words were said, the timing was right, so I jumped in with both feet. I cashed in my IRA and took out the biggest personal loan I could.”

Our Town America The Valley and Las Vegas New Mover Marketing Susan Nagi
Susan Nagi

The dive into entrepreneurship wasn’t always smooth as her first six months owning Our Town America The Valley were tough. “In the beginning, my sales skills and confidence level were in serious need of improvement,” she says. “Those two things I thought you either have or don’t have, and I thought I was in way over my head.   Thankfully, things have changed!”

Instead of clamming up, Nagi opened up, and reached out to improve her situation. She credits a professional sales coach and the book, You’re a Badass by Jen Sincero for a powerful transformation.

“I learned skills to help me sell, but more importantly, changed my mindset as to what I am capable of,” says Nagi. “You have to shut down the inner-critic that so many people have grown up with. There are so many amazing people in the world, who are there to help, collaborate, teach and learn from. When you find them, hang on tight. Walk away from those who don’t help or don’t believe you can achieve your dreams and goals.”

With the inner-critic conquered, she was on a newfound path to success with Our Town America. 13 months into her ownership, Nagi was number one in sales for a new franchisee. She hasn’t looked back.

It was a class reunion that originally brought her to Las Vegas. It turned out the trip wasn’t all pleasure.

The businesswoman discovered Las Vegas was America’s third fastest growth area. Now, she’s among those transplants. Nagi has a goal to make her Las Vegas Our Town America the largest producing franchise within the next two years.

“I’m a proponent of the ‘law of attraction’ concept,” says Nagi. “I am so convinced that what comes around, goes around. The universe provides every opportunity you can think of if you are just open enough to see it, and act on it. Live fully, love fiercely and be a good human.”

Do you want to realize your own business ownership dreams, like Susan Nagi?   Does the Our Town America franchise opportunity sound like it could be for you?   If so, learn more at https://www.ourtownamerica.com/franchise-us/.

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