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An Entrepreneur's Son Questions Whether to Follow in His Father's Footsteps

Inc. Magazine LogoIn October 2009, Michael Plummer Jr. delivered the eulogy at the funeral of his father, Michael Sr., who had died of a heart attack. A few days later, he walked into his father's office, sat down at the ornate wooden desk, and signed paychecks for the 30 employees of his father's Pinellas Park, Florida, family business, Our Town America. As he did, he pondered his next move.

Plummer had been working alongside his father for the past nine years. In fact, he had given up a much-loved career as an Army medic to help out at Our Town America after his father suffered his first major heart attack, in 2000. The company sends "welcome packages", with offers from local businesses, to people who have recently relocated; it has some 40 franchisees nationwide. Plummer Sr. launched the company in 1972, and his dream was that his son would one day take over. Plummer loved his father dearly but never shared his dad's enthusiasm for Our Town America.

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Source: Inc. Magazine

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