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Minnesota is Ranked as One of the Best Places for Business, and the Best Place to Raise a Child

PRWeb (Sept. 2016) – Our Town America, the nation’s premier New Mover Marketing franchise, recently opened its fifth Minnesota location, further expanding its reach in a state that was recently ranked #1 for businesses and families alike*.

Minnesota has earned several distinctions in the past few years, cementing its reputation as a state with terrific quality of life for all residents.  The excellent urban planning, high-quality schools and parks, record-low unemployment and favorable tax rates are a few simple factors that have blended together to make the state a desirable place to work and live.  Our Town America knows this better than most, as they have spent a lot of time investing and building their reach in the North Star State.

“Our Minnesota-based franchise owners made excellent partnerships with numerous small and local businesses in their state,” said Michael Plummer, Jr., CEO of Our Town America.  “In fact, Minnesota has become such a mover and shaker in the Our Town America system that we decided to host our 44th annual Convention in Minneapolis this year.”

Our Town America’s New Mover Marketing is an impactful tool in the toolbox of any small business owner.  In today’s increasingly global society, New Mover Marketing stands alone as something to bring people back to the regions they inhabit, helping new movers spark relationships with new “go-to” local businesses through personalized welcoming packages.  While the homemade pie delivered to the doorstep may be a thing of the past, reaching out to welcome new neighbors is still a kind and meaningful gesture... and it’s up to local business owners to step in for neighbors too busy to say hello.

Minnesota area franchise owners, including Dana Nelson of the Northeast Twin Cities region, and regional developers Peter Carlson and John Groppoli of Saint Paul, are stepping up to help local business owners do just that.  Nelson, Carlson and Groppoli felt that the rapid growth in their neighborhoods and the small business climate made the Our Town America franchise an attractive option.

“After being in franchise development and consulting for a number of years, my business partner John (Groppoli) and I were drawn in by the incredible validation which Our Town America has demonstrated for years amongst their franchisees,” said Carlson.  “Having so many other franchisees in the Minnesota region has really helped us build a community, and now it feels like we’re all family. My fellow Minnesotans are always ready to help and share best practices.”

“Our Town America felt like a natural fit when I was seeking a franchise,” said Kristen Lundgren, one of the newer Minnesota franchisees, who recently claimed the Eden Prairie area.  “I saw the difference it could make for small businesses by introducing them to the newest residents of a community, and I immediately thought of the growth potential.  Minneapolis is a great area for business, in a great state for business, so the possibilities seemed – and are – endless.”

Bill Hanson of Southeast Minnesota and Tom Russell of Minneapolis both saw value in the strong community in Minnesota.  The organizational support is unmatched, which led to rapid success for these two franchisees.

“I was very impressed with the management team at Our Town America,” said Russell.  “I have been very successful, and have developed a good core group of sponsors in three very short months.”

Our Town America reaches more than eight million households annually, helping to relieve the stress of a move and welcome families to the neighborhood with gift certificates of free housewarming offers from local businesses.  New mover marketing boasts a high response rate and excellent rates of customer return visits, so brands that use new mover marketing can count on their business being top of mind for the recently-arrived residents in their regions.

For more information about Our Town America, please complete a Local Business Contact Form or, if interested in opening a franchise, a Franchise Application.

Source: PRWeb


* A CNBC study put Minnesota above all other states based on 60 measures of competitiveness, divided into 10 categories. Economy, infrastructure, cost of doing business and access to capital all factored into the rankings. Minnesota took an unusual route to the top spot, generally reserved for states with low corporate tax rates and high incentives. Gov. Mark Dayton has spent the last several years championing an economic growth plan that focuses instead on luring and training skilled workers, including by expanding state-funded training programs and job-creation initiatives.

Over the past four years, the state has added 189,000 jobs – a 7.1 percent increase, according to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

Minnesota earned points for its 3.8 percent unemployment rate and 70.8 percent labor participation rate. In addition, the state landed near the top of the heap in terms of education and quality of life, based on a host of factors like air quality and overall health. http://finance-commerce.com/2015/06/some-question-mns-ranking-as-best-state-for-business/ 6/24/2015

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