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Veterans in Franchising

Franchising USA Magazine (March 2016) - While there are countless leading executives throughout the franchising community who are committed to providing opportunities for veterans, few can match the continued dedication of Our Town America CEO Michael Plummer Jr.

An Army veteran himself, Plummer personally understands what our nation’s heroes endure on and off the battlefield; and thus, he’s particularly passionate about empowering servicemen through business ownership.

Since taking over Our Town America in 2009, Plummer has been hard at work turning his father’s company into the nation’s fastest growing New Mover Marketing franchise.   As part of that effort, Plummer has been laser focused on attracting his fellow veterans to the Our Town America family by offering $10,000 off the initial franchise fee for any honorably discharged veteran.   Our Town America currently has 4 veteran-owned franchise units, which accounted for 11.4% of the total gross revenue in 2015.

Plummer and the Our Town America team are honored to be able to provide veterans with a New Mover Marketing franchise opportunity that allows each business owner to celebrate and support the local business owners and residents who make their community great.

“The Our Town America business model is custom-built for veterans because it inspires each business owner to become fully immersed in their community,” says Plummer.  “As New Mover Marketers, our franchisees help local business owners welcome new movers to town through personalized welcoming packages.   This means they wake up each and every day on a mission to meet and interact with local business owners and area residents who are fixtures in their community.  It’s the perfect fit for veterans who are eager to assimilate back into American culture and connect with new folks in their town all while capitalizing on a powerful and profitable business ownership opportunity.”

From One Battlefield to Another

From the time he was five, Michael Plummer Jr. has been stuffing envelopes at Our Town America – a company his father launched in 1972.   Michael Plummer Sr. built the company from scratch and wanted nothing more than to hand the reigns over to Jr., his son and best friend, when the time was right.   However, after years working on the company’s front lines, Jr. decided he needed to create his own path by serving in the Army as a combat medic.

After serving our country for 4 years, Michael Plummer Jr. was called home from his station in South Korea on emergency leave because his father had suffered a major heart attack.   This was a pivotal, life-changing moment for Jr. as the challenging time inspired him to realize his true calling – helping others succeed, particularly those he trusts and loves most.   The military had helped him grow up and learn a lot about himself – now, it was time to get back to helping drive the family business forward (which, by that point, had transformed into a successful franchise system).

“I loved serving my country and I would do it again in a heartbeat,” says Plummer.  “But I’m so glad I decided to make a change when my father had his first heart attack.   It allowed me to work alongside my father – something I will cherish forever as he was my mentor, my hero, and my best friend.”

Those years working with his father and developing a firm understanding of his vision for the company proved invaluable when Michael Plummer, Sr. passed away unexpectedly in 2009.   Literally overnight, Plummer Jr. found himself sitting at his father’s desk assuming the responsibility of building upon his father’s legacy while dealing with the loss of his best friend, boss and father.

Thankfully, Plummer Jr.’s depth of experience in the military and the proverbial corporate battlefield made it possible for him to handle the transition with grace, dignity and unwavering resolve.   And in the years since, Plummer Jr. has made countless tough decisions to install strategic and efficient policies to ensure his father’s company can thrive regardless of who takes over down the road.
According to Larry Neal, a Vietnam veteran and Detroit-based Our Town America franchisee, Plummer’s military background has been instrumental to the company’s recent growth and prosperity.

“Michael Plummer Sr.’s passing was tough for everyone in the Our Town America family, but nothing can compare to what Jr. went through,” says Neal.  “However, Jr. has been an absolute inspiration to all of us.   He has committed himself completely to this company and has proven to be one of the most accessible, humble and passionate executives I’ve ever met.  And while I know he’d shy away from this compliment, I know I speak on behalf of all Our Town America franchisees when I say we’re honored to have a true American hero leading our company.”

Our Town America -  A Franchise Opportunity Built for Veterans

As the nation’s premier New Mover Marketing franchise, Our Town America is a company built on a foundation of “paying it forward” – helping local businesses foster long term, loyal relationships with new movers through personalized welcoming packages full of powerful offers to try out new products and services for free.

It’s a concept veterans love as they’re able to make a true difference in the lives of fellow community residents.   As Our Town America franchise owners, they’re able to help local business owners improve their bottom line while helping new residents find reliable local businesses offering the products and services they’re seeking.   And according to Neal, that’s just part of what makes the Our Town America franchise opportunity a perfect fit for his fellow veterans.

“All veteran business owners want to be able to make a powerful impact in their community, but that desire is meaningless unless the business model fits their skill set and bank account,” says Neal.   “From a financial perspective, Our Town America is an excellent fit as the corporate office offers a $10,000 discount on what is already an affordable, home-based franchise opportunity.   Additionally, the business model itself is a perfect fit for veterans because each owner can follow a blueprint of proven processes and procedures toward personal success.   It truly is a win-win because you can make a huge difference in your community while successfully realizing your own entrepreneurial dreams.”

For any veteran interested in exploring the Our Town America franchise opportunity, please visit www.ourtownamerica.com/franchise-us or call 1-800-497-8360 ext. 232.

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Source: Franchising USA Magazine

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