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Our Town America of Atlanta: Helping the Market One New Mover at a Time

Business Radio X (December 2017) – As one of Our Town America’s longest tenured franchisees, Chris Beer is an expert at helping local Atlanta businesses connect with Chris Beer of Our Town Atlanta on High Velocity Radionew movers and create long term, lasting relationships.

Listen to the clip below to learn more about New Mover Marketing, why your business should invest in it, what sets it apart from every day marketing tactics, and more!

Click play to listen to clip below.

Atlanta, GA area businesses looking to team up with Our Town America of Atlanta can contact Chris Beer at 770-655-2116 or complete an online Contact Form.

Small businesses in any U.S. market can reach out to Our Town America's corporate team to get in touch with their local representative.  Call by phone at 800-497-8360 or complete a Contact Form.



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