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Our Town America Tampa and Fort Myers Give Hurricane Irma Relief Checks

Local Businesses Receive Relief Checks from Our Town America

November 2017 – Hurricane Irma was projected to cost the US an estimated $172 billion worth of damage – including the devastating spoiled food product and revenue losses suffered by countless local restaurant owners in Florida. Power outages shut down restaurants all over town for a week or longer following the storm, costing restaurant owners, and their employees, tens of thousands of dollars.

This inspired Michael Plummer Jr., CEO of Our Town America – a national New Mover Marketing company headquartered in Clearwater – to host a Hurricane Irma Facebook fundraiser that raised more than $2000, all raised by their very own corporate employees and franchisees.

Our Town America divvied up the money equally (roughly $500 for each) to four Florida businesses who needed a post-hurricane boost – Jets Pizza in Dunedin, Brix 33 and Ice Cream Palace in New Port Richey, and Great Clips in Fort Myers – after losing a combined $40,000+ in spoiled food and potential revenues.

Our Town America's Tampa-area franchise owners, Mike and Julie Fisher,  as well as Fort Myers franchisee, Sally Hanson, personally visited their partnered businesses to give them their checks.

Brix 33 and Our Town America
Owners of Brix 33 in New Port RIchey, Rich Scherch and Mark Malowski, and Our Town America Franchisees, Julie and Mike Fisher
Great Clips and Our Town America
Owner of Great Clips in Fort Myers, Charles Moir, and Our Town America Franchisee, Sally Hanson
Ice Cream Palace and Our Town America
Owners of Ice Cream Palace in New Port Richey, Darrell & Morgan Hargreaves, and Our Town America Franchisees, Mike and Julie Fisher
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