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(June 2017) – As we approach the first day of summer (June 21), all employees and franchisees at Our Town America are gearing up for the busiest time for new moves (more than 40 million moves will occur this year, most of which will be completed in June, July, and August).   As the nation’s first and fastest growing new mover marketing franchise, Our Town America is excited to help thousands of local businesses welcome millions of new movers to their new homes and new communities this summer.

2017 also marks an important milestone for Our Town America as our company will celebrate 45 years in business on June 19.   In honor of our 45th Anniversary, Our Town America would like to celebrate the 45 fastest growing American cities with the “Top 45 Fastest Growing American Cities” list.

Each of these cities is filled with forward-thinking business owners who are eager to form long-term, loyal relationships with impressionable new movers of all ages. Fortunately, most of these cities are also served by an Our Town America franchise owner who helps local business owners spark those relationships by delivering personalized and thoughtful offers direct to new residents as soon as they move to town.

Below Our Town America has identified the “Top 45 Fastest Growing Cities in 2017” – the 45 cities with the highest mover activity in the last 12 months (May 2016 – April 2017) when compared to the previous 12 months (May 2015 – April 2016). This list, ranked in order with the fastest growing at the top, is comprised of the 45 fastest growing cities and neighborhoods nationwide.

1San Antonio, TX
2Charlotte, NC
3Columbus, OH
4Raleigh, NC
5Milwaukee, WI
6Kansas City, MO
7Austin, TX
8Las Vegas, NV
9San Francisco, CA
10Chicago, IL
11Wilmington, NC
12Cincinnati, OH
13El Paso, TX
14Fayetteville, NC
15Louisville, KY
16Columbia, SC
17Durham, NC
18Lexington, KY
19Cleveland, OH
20Greensboro, NC
21Seattle, WA
22Winston-Salem, NC
23Philadelphia, PA
24Henderson, NV
25Dallas, TX
26Dayton, OH
27Jacksonville, NC
28Rochester, NY
29Ontario, CA
30Fontana, CA
31Gastonia, NC
32Corpus Christi, TX
33Evansville, IN
34Huntersville, NC
35Katy, TX
36Concord, NC
37Akron, OH
38Tacoma, WA
39Fremont, CA
40Trenton, NJ
41Meridian, IN
42Playa Vista, CA
43Knoxville, TN
44Kent, WA
45Sumter, SC

We applaud each of these cities and neighborhoods for generating the highest mover activity over the past 12 months.   Clearly, local political leaders, business owners, and established residents from each of these places have worked hard to make their city or neighborhood a great place to live and work.

At Our Town America, it’s our job to help local business owners in all communities welcome new movers to town in ways that spark long-term, loyal customer relationships.   And as millions of people move to the 45 cities/neighborhoods featured in this list (and countless others), our nationwide network of more than 50 franchise owners will introduce them to hundreds of highly reputable local business owners who can provide the goods and services they need for their new home.

Speak to a local Our Town America franchise owner in your neighborhood to learn more about your community and how local business owners can grow and thrive with effective new mover marketing.


The “Top 45 Fastest Growing American Cities in 2017” list was determined based on data derived from Our Town America’s new mover database that track new moves (including property deed transfers, change of address, new utility connections and other proprietary sources).   As the nation’s first and fastest growing new mover marketing franchise celebrating 45 years in business in 2017, Our Town America has established itself as the leading expert on moving trends and statistics.   Our Town America worked with its industry leading IT team to compile highly targeted new mover data that serves as the foundation for these rankings.

Equipped with this data, Our Town America identified the 45 cities with the highest mover activity in the last 12 months (May 2016 – April 2017) when compared to the previous 12 months (May 2015 – April 2016).   This list is comprised of the 45 fastest growing cities and neighborhoods nationwide and is in rank order with the highest at the top.   The ranking criteria was restricted to the amount of moves into or within each city and does not take into consideration any other factors.

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About Our Town America
For 45 years, Our Town America has been providing new movers with traditional hospitality by mailing warm housewarming gifts from local neighborhood businesses in a premium welcome package. Since the company started franchising in 2005, Our Town America has consistently been placed in the Franchise Top 50, ranking top in their category for franchisee satisfaction.

Our Town America’s dedication to the “sponsor exclusivity” concept, meaning Our Town America will only recommend one of each business type in any specific zip code within its welcome packages, has been one of the key catalysts for the company’s long-term success. In addition, sponsors consistently rave about other unique aspects of the new mover marketing program – such as their ability to reach a brand-new audience of impressionable new movers each month and the insightful data/metrics delivered by Our Town America’s innovative pinpoint tracking system.

Due in large part to Our Town America’s devotion to those concepts, thousands of satisfied business owners throughout the United States attest to the success and effectiveness of the program. Additionally, dozens of locally owned franchisees validate Our Town America’s concept as a viable business opportunity.

It is Our Town America’s mission to assist new movers adjusting to their community, help businesses gain new and loyal customers and provide franchisees with an excellent opportunity. The eight million households who receive Our Town America’s welcome packages each year prove that Our Town America is committed to following through on that mission statement.

For more information, visit the Our Town America website at or call 1-800-497-8360.

Brittany Johnson is the head of Our Town America’s corporate Marketing Department. She specializes in all things Marketing including, but not limited to: Digital and Print Marketing, Social Media, and Public Relations.