Gain New Loyal Customers from New Movers in Your Community.

We provide New Mover Marketing solutions & New Mover Lists through direct mail for local businesses to welcome new movers to their neighborhood. With one-fifth of the population moving annually, why not replace those customers that moved away with the people that moved in their place?


Looking to gain new, loyal customers from New Movers in your community?

Let our 45-year track record speak for itself…

Our New Mover Welcoming Program is a two-part system that gets new customers through your business doors, so you can make that first impression and keep them coming back.



The First Mailing

Our Town America Welcome Package and CertificatesGift Certificate within Community Welcome Package

Arrive in the home of new movers each month inside a Welcome Package from the community. Perceived by the new mover as pure hospitality NOT advertising. Refreshingly different for the new mover (ask about our provided new mover feedback).

Our package has been market-tested and proven to get opened and acted upon. Ask about the hidden psychological triggers that make this happen.


Optional Second Mailing

New mover servicesThank You Postcard

A custom designed full-color postcard from you to the new mover mailed out to the respondents of your first mailing. This feature is included for our annual business sponsors at no extra charge!

What an amazing way to thank the new movers for stopping by your business! They’re all yours!

Lock out your competition by claiming your chosen ZIP Codes today!


New Movers are nobody’s customer… yet.

Keeping track of results is important. We’ve developed a revolutionary way to see your activity and performance.



New homeowner packageSponsor Web and other online tools

Local business owners are able to monitor account status, recent activity, survey feedback and demographics. This allows you to see just how many New Movers have been welcomed each month, broken down by zip code. You can view all emails, invoices, redemption lists and more within Sponsor Web.  Local business owners may also enable the Positive Postings™ feature for Facebook from here.



TruTrak™ Tracking System

New homeowners welcome packetMobile App for iOS and Android

Our comprehensive tracking system provides you with two options to track:

1) Our Town TruTrak™ Mobile App

2) TrackPack Envelopes

Both methods allow you to track your return on investment, validate redemptions, control timing of the second mailing, gather detailed demographic data of new customers to perfect supplemental campaigns.


Reach a new set of New Movers every month!


Contact your New Mover expert to share your story!