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Moving and Starting Over in a New Neighborhood

Whether you are moving for a sad reason like death, divorce or financial difficulties or a happy reason such as marriage, a new job or buying your first home moving can take an emotional toll.

If you are living out of boxes, planning ahead can do wonders. Do your best to stay organized. Label boxes not just by the room, but by item as well.

You will also find that creating a separate Moving Must Haves kit will make your life easier. Make sure to pack toilet paper, prescription medications, pain reliever, an alarm clock, paper towels and some basic cleaning supplies, snacks & water, food for your pets and a favorite toy for kids and/or age appropriate activities like crayons & coloring books.  This should be the last thing out and first thing you move in.

If you have children, uprooting them from their familiar surroundings will most certainly add to the challenge. Learning a new school, making new friends, getting acquainted with their new teachers, and etc.

But let's face it, there is a lot more to it than that. It’s not just the packing and unpacking, not just the lost, missing or broken items, not even the tired feet and aching back. Moving is just plain stressful!

Often times, a move means leaving behind family, friends, and everything with which you are familiar.  We as humans are creatures of habit; moving pulls that security blanket of familiarity right out from under us.

Starting Over After a Move

Moving and Starting Over in a New Neighborhood Community

Learning your way around your new neighborhood can be tough.  Deciding which businesses to establish loyalties to - pizza places, veterinary clinics, housecleaning companies, and etc.  Some are easy to decide on, while others require some trial and error. It can be trying, deciding exactly what we are looking for and who we are comfortable with.

What are you finding hardest to replace since your last move?

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