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2014 New Mover Survey Winner

CBS 58 (May 2015) – Our Town America, the nation’s leading new mover marketing franchise, just announced that couple, Dan and Aleyna Kreif of Pewaukee, WI, have won the annual Our Town America New Mover Survey drawing!

Last March, after their move to Pewaukee, the Kreif's became one of millions of new movers nationwide to receive the New Mover Survey as part of their Our Town America welcome package. Also within the package are various free offers from partnered local businesses. The Kreif's completed their survey providing Wisconsin-area franchise owner, Allen Busse, with feedback on the program and the services provided by his partnered local businesses, such as Albrecht's Sentry Foods of Delafield, WI.

This past Monday, the couple met with Allen Busse and Kerry Jeanpierre of Albrecht's Sentry Foods, and the CBS 58 News crew to accept their $1,000 winnings check covered in full by the Our Town America corporate headquarters based in Pinellas Park, FL. The Kreif's plan to use the $1,000 to further improve their new Pewaukee home.

Kerry Jeanpierre of Albrecht's Sentry Foods has been using Our Town America's new mover marketing program to gain new loyal customers since November 2006. Sentry takes advantage of the second mailer, the follow-up postcard, which is included in the program - the grocery store experiences noteworthy responses every month.

With millions of Americans moving annually, and moving numbers expected to rise in the coming years, local businesses can rely on the program to consistently uncover new customers seeking reputable go-to product and service providers.

Due to Our Town America's 'Category Exclusivity Concept' - no direct competitors are included within a single zip code's Welcome Package.

Other businesses in the Kreif's Welcome Package include: a Veterinarian, Blind and Shade store, Dentist, Jewelry store, Hair Salon, Massage Parlor, Dry Cleaners, a Sandwich Shop and a Pizza Restaurant.

Greater Milwaukee-area businesses interested in the Our Town America program can complete a Contact Form or call franchise owner Allen Busse at 262-650-1906. For more information on the annual New Mover Survey, we invite you to explore our website.

Want more? Watch the 4 o'clock News Clip HERE.

Read story on CBS58.com.

Source: CBS 58 Milwaukee Logo

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