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New Mover Accepts 2016 Grand Prize at Tommy's Malt Shop

Chaska, MN (May 2017) – Local Chaska resident, Meghan Cazel, has recently been named the 2016 New Mover Survey Drawing Winner by Our Town America, the nation’s premier new mover marketing franchise.

Last year, after her move to Chaska, Cazel was one of thousands of new movers across the country to complete the annual survey found within the Our Town America welcome package – a personalized collection of thoughtful one-time offers from local businesses, like Tommy’s Malt Shop.

And just this past week, Cazel was notified she would be taking home the first $3,000 check Our Town America has ever awarded a winner.  While the company has been in business for 45 years, they have been awarding their annual New Mover Survey Drawing Winner $1,000... until now.  After being selected as this year’s big winner, Cazel can use the $3,000 to buy additional goods and services from local businesses!

On April 30th 2017, Kristen Lundgren, Our Town America’s Eden Prairie-based franchise owner, partnered up with Brett and Emily Geselle, the husband and wife team who own and run Tommy’s Malt Shop, and hosted an in-store event presenting Cazel with her $3,000 check.

Like all other Our Town America franchise owners around the country, Lundgren is committed to her local community and wants to celebrate the new movers and local businesses that help the Greater Minneapolis area thrive. At a time when housewarming traditions are fading fast, Our Town America believes that it’s important for local business owners to reach out to new movers who appreciate a helping hand in their new community.

Other businesses included within the package that Cazel received included: a dentist, a wine shop, an auto service shop, a vet, a pizza delivery place, a fast food restaurant, a bar and grill, a casual dining restaurant, and a breakfast spot.

Eden Prairie area businesses interested in the Our Town America program can complete a Contact Form or call franchise owner Kristen Lundgren at 612-709-3859.  For more information on the annual New Mover Survey, we invite you to explore our website.

Watch video below.

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