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Be the First to Hook New Movers On Your Pizza

Find Customers New Residents Our Town AmericaYou've just moved to a new town. So where do you eat pizza? At the pizzeria that invites you in for a free pie, of course!

Get Them Hooked

How do you sniff out the newbies in town? Try utilizing a direct mailing company with more than 39 years of experience to target new residents in your town. "It's much harder to convert a customer to your store with coupons than it is to invite newcomers without established loyalties to try your pizza," says Michael Plummer Jr. from Our Town in Pinellas Park, Florida. In fact, the average America family moves once every five years, making for a lot of fresh faces in the neighborhood and plenty of opportunities to snag new loyal customers.

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Source: PMQ Magazine, August 2011

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