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New Mover Marketing

Capture New Movers with the best New Mover Marketing program available.

New Mover Marketing campaigns target residents when they first move into a ZIP Code or other geographic boundary. Welcome Packages - which contain gift certificates from local businesses offering free items, discounts, and other specials to new residents – are a great way to connect new customers with local businesses.


How Does New Mover Marketing Work?


Direct Mail Marketing

On average, 23% of Direct Mail recipients visit the business that reached out to them.  Direct Mail is a low-cost, full-service solution for your marketing needs. We help you build a mail profile for custom targeting of your New Mover Marketing program.

Most local businesses rely on Direct Mail campaigns to market their products and services. Mailing an attractive, eye-catching offer directly to homes and businesses is a very effective direct marketing option for local business owners.



Studies have shown that 39% of consumers try a business for the first time because of a direct mail postcard they received.  Direct Mail Postcards allow you to target your campaign based on neighborhood, distance from your location, household income and age.  Direct Mail Postcard mailing provides a low-cost, full-service solution for your marketing needs!

Our Town America Postcards



Ready to get started with New Mover Marketing by Our Town America?

Give your small business a boost with new mover marketing

Discover how new mover marketing works for popular industries:


Discover how new mover marketing works for automotive sales and service

New customers every month for sales and service milestones.

Find out how dental practices acquire a new set of customers every single month!

Practices acquire a steady stream of new patients.

Finding a new grocery store can be a top priority after a move.

Supermarkets are highly sought after a move.

Discover how barber shops and beauty salons make new mover marketing work for them!

Barber Shops and Beauty Salons
Get new clients to your shop every month!

Find out why leading veterinarians choose a new mover marketing strategy!

Pet Care
Leading vets choose our marketing strategy!

Make your pizza shop stand out from the rest with our new mover marketing program!

Your shop is unique- Make it stand out from the rest!

Discover how restaurants, diners and taverns find success with new mover marketing

New customers will make your restaurant a success.

New mover marketing works with nearly every industry!

Other Industries
New mover marketing is a great fit for numerous industries!