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Phoenix Telecommuting New Movers

Phoenix Welcomes Telecommuting New Movers

CBS Phoenix — About a year ago, Phoenix started seeing the effects of what would become a global pandemic. Now, locals are starting to notice something else: a lot of new people moving to town! Phoenix is being called a “Zoom Town” as people move from big cities like New ...
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Market to People Moving to Greenville, SC

Over 3,000 People have Moved to Greenville in 2021 Already

CBS | Greenville, SC – Experts say the city of Greenville has become what is now known as a “Zoom Town.” Remote workers from states such as New York and California are moving miles away to the city of Greenville in search of more affordable living while still keeping their ...
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Our Town America Ranks on Entrepreneur's Franchise 500® for the 3rd Time

Our Town America Ranks on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500® for the 3rd Time

Entrepreneur Franchise 500Our Town America, the nation’s leading new mover marketing franchise, recently ranked as #394 in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500®, the world’s first, best and most comprehensive franchise ranking. Placement in the Franchise 500® is a highly sought-after honor in the franchise industry making it one of ...
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P.T.'s Grille Winner of Wilmington, NC Small Business Resilience Award by Our Town America

P.T.’s Grille Wins the Wilmington Small Business Award for Resilience

Spectrum News | Wilmington, NC – Aaron Hyatt has worked his way up in the P.T.'s Olde Fashioned Grille family from manager all the way to owner, but this past year has put his business to the test. The restaurant is one of the most popular in the Cape Fear ...
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Small Business Resilience Award 2020 Our Town America

Nominate a Business for the Small Business Resilience Award

Fox 17 News | Grand Rapids, MI – The consequences of the pandemic have been absolutely heartbreaking for local small businesses. Several family-owned restaurants, shops and salons now have signs reading “Closed Permanently” on their doors. And so many other small business owners are watching this and worrying about which ...
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Local Business Marketing Method Get More Customers Our Town America

Welcoming New Customers by Mail allows for Sustainability, says Business Owner

WECT News | Wilmington, NC (Sept 2020) – The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses for more than 6 months now. Some have struggled, but have been able to keep their doors open, while others have had to close for good. In an effort to stay afloat, business owners are trying ...
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Save Our Town Tampa Bay Our Town America Marketing

National Local Marketing Franchise assists Local Businesses amidst Pandemic

CW44 | Tampa Bay (Sept 2020) – Whether you're a parent trying to facilitate virtual classes, a business trying to stay afloat, a community resident just trying to go about your life as "normal" as possible - you've probably had to adjust your everyday life in some way as a ...
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Save Our Town Movement Our Town America Local Franchise

‘Save Our Town’: Revive Local Businesses

CBS 58 | Milwaukee, WI (Aug 2020) – The Coronavirus pandemic is causing a tremendous and unprecedented strain on local small businesses and, unfortunately, many won’t survive. Some businesses reopened and were recovering and now must close again or limit customers. This rollercoaster is wreaking havoc for those who spent ...
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