Our Town America in the News

Our Town America stands for Hurricane Harvey victim – CBS Houston

Deserving Hurricane Harvey victim Surprised with nearly $3,000 Check CBS Houston | Texas (October 2017) – After Hurricane Harvey destroyed her Houston home, Lucia Flores, a Mexican immigrant and single mother of two, has been desperate for a miracle.   And on Tuesday, October 3rd, she unexpectedly received thousands of dollars ...
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Our Town America New Mover Gift Certificates

Evolving Paper Coupons into a New Mover Goldmine for 45 Years

Global Business Magazine (August 2017) – Right now, thousands of moving trucks are crisscrossing the country, hauling furniture and other belongings to new locations. Summer means making “the move” for many single professionals, couples, and families, so they have the time to get used to their new homes before the ...
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Dry Cleaners Our Town America New Mover Marketing

The Our Town America Advantage for Dry Cleaners

See why Dry Cleaners are Turning to New Mover Marketing to Drive Revenue Fabricare (July/ August 2017) – Let’s face it – the dry-cleaning industry has taken a hit in today’s modern working world. According to recent statistics from IBISWorld, dry cleaners are currently experiencing a marked decline in revenue and ...
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Our Town America in Denver

Leading the Modern-day Denver Gold Rush

ColoradoBizMag (July 2017) - The Gold Rush of the 1860s brought thousands of people to what is now Colorado, all trying their luck at striking it rich. Towns sprung up like Butterfly Milkweed flowers, including Denver, where prospectors panned for gold in Cherry Creek and the South Platte River. Today, Denver ...
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Our Town America Credit Cards

Unique Ways to Finance a Franchise Opportunity

creditcards.com (May 2017) – Starting a business, paying for education and even financing a once-in-a-lifetime trip – sometimes credit cards allow people the freedom to take a risk they couldn’t otherwise afford. “There are times when making a charge that is beyond your ability to promptly repay makes sense,” says Martin ...
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Our Town America 2016 New Mover Survey Winner

Our Town America Reveals $3K New Mover Survey Winner

Chaska, MN (May 2017) – Local Chaska resident, Meghan Cazel, has recently been named the 2016 New Mover Survey Drawing Winner by Our Town America, the nation’s premier new mover marketing franchise. Last year, after her move to Chaska, Cazel was one of thousands of new movers across the country to ...
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