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What do Low Interest Rates & More Time at Home Mean for Moving Rates?

NBC WRAL News | Raleigh, NC (June 2020) – As the United States begins reopening amidst the busy summer moving season, Our Town America of The Triangle franchise owner, Sally Hanson, joins WRAL to discuss the current housing market. A recent survey commissioned by the Our Town America franchise shows that many people are considering moving due to Coronavirus, as well as other reasons.

Coronavirus Moving Survey Our Town America New Mover Marketing

Of the 1,000 people surveyed, more than 40% would consider moving now. Some people are looking to move out of hot spot states altogether, while others are looking to flee major cities and move into more suburban areas. South Atlantic states rank as the top areas people would move to. Many people want to live in warmer climates to lessen the chance of contracting the Coronavirus, others want their children to attend different schools, and many are seeking areas that are rich in parks & greenways - such as The Triangle of North Carolina.

Many areas in North Carolina are highly sought after due to their excellent cost of living and job availability. Many people also have more time at home to fix outstanding home repair issues, put their house on the market and search online for a new place to call home.

Nationwide, it's expected that moving rates will rise due to extremely low interest rates and changes in finances for many Americans.

Hanson stated that many of her partnered local business owners are looking forward to getting back to ‘normal,’ consumers are eager to support local businesses and, as mentioned, looking to move into new homes for various reasons. Hanson expects and hopes to see the economy strengthen in the coming months.

Both Our Town America of The Triangle and the Our Town America franchise system as a whole want both consumers and business owners nationwide to know that we're here to support you during this time by offering various methods to relay business offerings to locals. Pandemic or not, it's a win-win when small business owners and local consumers ban together to strengthen the local economy.

Click below to see the full NBC News clip ft. Sally Hanson.


Our Town America supports small businesses across the nation 365 days per year. If you're a local business in The Triangle area looking for a way to reach new or current customers, reach out to Sally Hanson at 919-349-7611 or shanson@ourtown.net.

If your business is located elsewhere, you can reach Our Town America corporate at 1-800-497-8360 to get connected with your local representative.

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