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Des Moines Volunteer Wins $3,000 in Marketing Franchise's National Drawing

NBC Hello Iowa — A local Des Moines woman known for giving back is getting more than she ever expected in return. Beth Vitiritto, who relocated last year, has become quite a familiar face in the Ankeny community.

Beth inspires the younger generation in her everyday work as a teacher, serves on the Iowa board, frequently contributes to local causes and volunteers whenever she can. Beth is the kind of person who pours her all into everything she does and deserves the world but would never ask for it. The type of person who, even when faced with cancer, woke up every day with a positive attitude and a smile.

So, when Beth's name was drawn to win $3,000 amongst tens of thousands of people nationwide, it seemed more like Good Karma than luck. 

New Mover Welcome Package

The drawing Beth entered is the Our Town America Annual New Mover Survey Drawing. She was entered by providing feedback on local businesses who welcomed her into the Des Moines area through Our Town America's New Mover Package.

The package welcomes residents who have just moved into their new neighborhood and introduces them to nearby reputable businesses with free one-time-use housewarming Gift Certificates.

Little Ceasars Ankeny, Portofino Italian Ristorante, The Chicken Coop, and ACE Hardware were among the businesses that welcomed Beth to the area. "I used a Gift Certificate right away and took a friend out to lunch!," Vitiritto said.

Beth says that Our Town America’s Welcome Package played a significant role in helping her feel immediately connected and informed about the community. “The support network is incredible,” she says. “From local businesses to community events, everything is designed to help newcomers integrate smoothly and feel at home.”

"Our package helps people get settled in, find their way around and get connected with local businesses," said Tim McGrath, Our Town America of Iowa franchise owner. "In addition to being an aid for new movers, our franchise is a marketing resource for local businesses. We've been helping businesses thrive by bringing them new customers for over 50 years," said McGrath. "It's a feel-good business that I'm proud to be a part of."

Community Impact

Local TV show Hello Iowa hosted Beth, McGrath, and Little Caesars Ankeny store owners Katrina and Brad Loney in-studio to hear this heartwarming story.

As expected, Our Town America presented Beth with her $3,000 winnings and, to nobody's surprise, Beth's students and friends joined the event to support her.

In the spirit of supporting the local community, on behalf of Beth and her late father, former Ankeny Chief of Police for 30 years, Our Town America donated $500 to the Ankeny Police Foundation. Additionally, Katrina and Brad of Little Caesars Ankeny, who are also known locally for their volunteer efforts, donated $500 to the John Stoddard Cancer Center on Beth's behalf as well.

Our Town America and Little Caesars of Ankeny are honored to have had the opportunity to give to someone so deserving.

Press play below for the full Hello Iowa interview.

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