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Our Town America Urges Local Residents to Support Small Business Owners Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

Yahoo Finance/ PRWeb -- As Americans across the country self-quarantine to minimize the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), local small business owners are rallying to serve their communities. They're doing their part to protect the health and safety of their employees and customers while remaining available to provide products and services people need.

In this time of uncertainty, Our Town America, a national new mover marketing franchise that helps local businesses create and maintain relationships with customers, salutes these business owners and wants to remind all Americans that it's more important than ever to shop local - whether virtually, curbside or online - and support businesses that are the backbone of the local economy.

"As a consumer, when you purchase from a mom and pop – such as your neighborhood coffee shop – you're helping pay the barista you chat with every morning," said Michael Plummer, Our Town America's President. "You're helping put food on their children's plate and helping fulfill their young daughter's dream of going to college. You are keeping your local community alive and thriving."

Our Town America franchise owners are small business owners themselves, so they understand the importance of shopping local and the direct effects it has on a business and its employees – especially during a time like this.

"As Americans, we're tough and resilient, especially in times of crisis," said Plummer. "The Coronavirus is real and scary, but it's not permanent, and we will get through this. In addition to self-quarantining to stop the virus' spread, we ask all Americans to continue buying local to help small business owners and the employees who depend on them."

There are countless examples of businesses that have adjusted on the fly to continue serving the public while doing everything possible to practice social distancing. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Restaurants offering curbside service and delivery drops at front doors
  • Doctors and veterinarians offering virtual appointments while remaining on call to treat more serious conditions in person
  • Gyms and trainers sharing home-based cardio and strength workouts
  • Commercial and residential cleaning companies working around the clock to disinfect buildings using EPA/CDC recommended products specific to Coronavirus
  • Grocery stores and hotels operated by employees wearing gloves who are making it as safe as possible to access necessary food and accommodations

"The method of delivery may be different – from curbside service to virtual appointments – but it's imperative to support the small businesses doing everything they can to continue serving their local community," said Plummer. "There are more than 28 million small businesses in the country and all of them could use a little love during this tough time. Please do everything you can to support local businesses so they can keep their employees and continue serving the community you call home."

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About Our Town America

For over 48 years, Our Town America has been providing new movers with traditional hospitality by mailing warm housewarming gifts from local neighborhood businesses in a premium welcome package. Since the company started franchising in 2005, Our Town America has consistently been placed in the Franchise Top 50, ranking top in their category for franchisee satisfaction.

Our Town America's dedication to the "sponsor exclusivity" concept, meaning Our Town America will only recommend one of each business type in any specific zip code within its welcome packages, has been one of the key catalysts for the company's long-term success. In addition, sponsors consistently rave about other unique aspects of the new mover marketing program – such as their ability to reach a brand-new audience of impressionable new movers each month and the insightful data/metrics delivered by Our Town America's innovative pinpoint tracking system.

Due in large part to Our Town America's devotion to those concepts, thousands of satisfied business owners throughout the United States attest to the success and effectiveness of the program. Additionally, dozens of locally owned franchisees validate Our Town America's concept as a viable business opportunity.

It is Our Town America's mission to assist new movers adjusting to their community, help businesses gain new and loyal customers and provide franchisees with an excellent opportunity. The eight million households who receive Our Town America's welcome packages each year prove that Our Town America is committed to following through on that mission statement.

For more information, visit the Our Town America website at https://www.ourtownamerica.com or call 1-800-497-8360.

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