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New Movers flock to Phoenix, Arizona: a “Zoom Town"

CBS PhoenixAbout a year ago, Phoenix started seeing the effects of what would become a global pandemic. Now, locals are starting to notice something else: a lot of new people moving to town!

Phoenix is being called a “Zoom Town” as people move from big cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles in search of a better life.

“Zoom Towns”— named after the video conferencing platform — are becoming popular as more companies across the country allow employees the freedom and flexibility of remote work.

These remote workers are leaving the high rents and heavy traffic behind and flocking to cities like Phoenix to live, while keeping their high-paying jobs in other parts of the country.

Our Town America — the nation’s premier New Mover Marketing program — is studying this trend nationwide. As moving industry experts, we always keep a close eye on the market, and since the beginning of 2021, the numbers have been striking!

Since January 2021, Our Town America has mailed to over 21,000 Phoenix new movers. This influx of new residents effects everything from local businesses, to children's school availability, to home prices and more.

Susan Nagi, the owner of Our Town America of The Valley, connects local businesses with new movers by way of New Mover Marketing each and every month. Check out Nagi's interview with CBS via Zoom (imagine that!) to hear more on this trend.


CBS Phoenix Telecommuting New Movers



Our Town America supports small businesses across the nation 365 days per year. If you're a local Phoenix business looking to reach new or current customers, contact Susan Nagi at ‭480-678-1366‬‬. If your business is located outside the Phoenix area, contact Our Town America corporate at 1-800-497-8360 to be connected with your local representative.


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