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Moving trends and the impact of moving

WBTV Charlotte (June 2018) – It’s no secret Charlotte is booming, ranked #19 on FORBES’ 2018 “Fastest Growing Cities List.” Right in time for May’s National Moving Month, a recent local survey reveals relocating here – and anywhere – will cause major stress on relationships.

The local survey polled recent movers and reveals relocation scars personal relationships as couples fight over why they moved and where they moved while struggling with money problems and decreased intimacy.

And get this – many recent movers admitted they secretly got revenge on their partner right before the move with “dirty dumping”.  More than 1 in 3 new movers admitted to “accidentally losing” a significant other’s prized possessions or purposefully tossing it in the Goodwill bag.

Commissioned by Our Town America, the nation’s premier new mover marketing company, the survey of 300+ men and women who have recently relocated also revealed:

  • Kids compound the problem - couples put their relationships on the back burner after a move because they’re paranoid about “finding the right school” for their kids and “helping them make new friends” – the top two child-related moving stressors.
  • Unfriendly neighbors add to the stress - nearly half (49%) of survey respondents said meeting new neighbors is key to feeling comfortable in their new home, but say their neighbors are “too busy” and “aren’t as friendly” as the neighbors they remember as a child.
  • Housewarming gifts are rare, but important - 88% of respondents said that receiving a housewarming gift would make them feel more comfortable in a new home, yet less than half (46%) have ever received a housewarming gift.

This survey was released during the busiest moving time of the year.   These results are particularly timely as more than 40 million Americans are expected to relocate this year, and most will make their move during summer months when the weather is nice, and kids are out of school.

Watch the WBTV Charlotte clip below.  If interested in partnering with your local New Mover Marketing experts, Jane and Tom McElhaney of Our Town America Charlotte, please complete a Contact Form or call 704-906-7434.

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