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Why the Neighborhood Grocery Store is an Early Target for New Residents

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As new movers unpack boxes and get settled, one of their first chores will be visiting a neighborhood grocery store to fill the pantry and refrigerator to keep hunger at bay; Our Town America can direct them to your location over your competitors. ‘Grocery stores near me’ is one of the first things people type into the search engine when they get to their new home. The smell of a favorite recipe cooking on the stove helps make a new kitchen feel like a home. As any parent knows, an empty refrigerator can cause dissension in the ranks and lead to grouchy family members. Having a kitchen stocked with healthy snacks and drinks will help curb hunger and keep new community members energized as they tackle the chore of getting organized and settling into their new homes. Americans spend big money at their local grocery store each week, so creating a loyal following from new residents is essential for every neighborhood grocery store. The average American spends more than $4,600 on food at home each year, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet, there are more than 38,000 grocery stores in the United States. Finding a strategy to set your grocery store apart from the flock of competitors can be a challenge. The good news is Americans are devoting more time to meal preparation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported. At the height of the pandemic in the spring, grocery store sales were up 32 percent versus the prior year. As restrictions on restaurants loosen and grocery store sales return to pre-pandemic levels, neighborhood grocery stores can continue to bolster sales by targeting new residents.  New Mover Marketing Helps Neighborhood Grocery Stores Gain New Customers Our Town America’s New Mover Marketing program can help you reach new local residents and welcome them to the neighborhood. We send new residents an exclusive welcome package with proven offers to introduce them to your business. The high-quality package includes thoughtful and personalized gift certificates directly to new residents’ doorstep. Our Town America gets lists of individuals who have filed some sort of address change in the past 30 days and filters out any duplicate names and addresses to create a direct mailing list that is about 95 percent accurate. Accurate lists increase your store’s return on investment and save valuable resources, such as time and money. As an added bonus, your lists can be sorted by demographic data to target specific customers.  Our New Mover Marketing program comes with the ability to track your return on investment directly on your smartphone. Our TruTrak®  app enables you to validate and scan redemptions. It will also provide you with demographic data to help fine-tune your marketing efforts. Make New Customers Loyal Shoppers New Mover Marketing can help introduce your grocery store to new residents, but it’s up to you to keep them coming back to your store. Our Town America has some tips to help you convert new residents to loyal shoppers. Employ knowledgeable and friendly staff. Let’s face it. Grocery shopping is a chore for most Americans. It’s just one more task to check off the daily to-do list. If your employees offer friendly and reliable service, they can help make the experience memorable for even the most harried customer. Atmosphere is key. If your grocery store plays good music, has pleasant lighting and is well organized, customers will enjoy their shopping experience. Make your grocery store’s atmosphere welcoming, and your customers will linger. Protect Your Customers. Today’s customers want to feel safe when they head out to the grocery store. Setting up sanitizing stations, requiring sick employees to stay home and having easy to navigate parking lots with plenty of grocery cart stalls is important.  Our Town America is here to not only help you reach new movers, but to make them loyal customers. For more information on how you can use New Mover Marketing and our new mover lists, visit ourtownamerica.com. Brittany N. JohnsonBrittany is the head of Our Town America’s corporate marketing department. She specializes in digital and print media, social media, and public relations. […]

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