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Direct Mail Marketing Helps Dental Clinics Maintain Customer Relationships

Dentistry Today Our Town America New Mover Direct Mail Marketing

Dentistry Today — As dentistry offices slowly reopened their doors after closing during the initial days of the pandemic, many relied on direct mail marketing to help recoup losses and maintain customer relationships. The outbreak of COVID-19 sent a shockwave through the healthcare industry. While hospitals were grappling with sick patients, other healthcare professionals were […]

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Phoenix Welcomes Telecommuting New Movers

Phoenix Telecommuting New Movers

CBS Phoenix — About a year ago, Phoenix started seeing the effects of what would become a global pandemic. Now, locals are starting to notice something else: a lot of new people moving to town! Phoenix is being called a “Zoom Town” as people move from big cities like New York, San Francisco and Los […]

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6 Parts to a Successful Direct Mail Advertisement

Successful Direct Mail Our Town America New Mover Marketing

Grab the Consumer’s AttentionDirect mail marketing pros and local business owners will tell you that crafting a mail piece that doesn’t get thrown away is the greatest challenge they face. According to 41pounds.com, a group that measures such things, Americans receive 41 pounds of direct marketing mail each year. Not only that, but 44 percent of it ends up in the trash without being read. […]

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