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Create A Great Work Culture and Maximize Employee Retention

If you want your employees to stay and thrive, a healthy work culture is essential


Huffington Post (October 2017) – Companies are always looking to improve employee retention. Every employee represent an enormous investment on behalf of a company and when a good employee leaves it can be a big blow to a company’s morale, bottom line, and brain trust.

I reached out to as many CEO’s as I could to learn what they do to create a work culture that improves employee retention.

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67. Remember to Have Fun

We are a family-owned company whose mission is to literally connect new movers with local businesses in their area. Therefore, we know what it takes to build a strong relationship between folks. It’s no different in the office and we understand the key is having fun and doing things differently.

Few companies, if any, can rival our amount of team-building exercises and fun team-outings. We ensure that everyone at our company, regardless of role or tenure, feels a strong connection to our company and our leaders, including myself. Here are a few things we do:

  • Annual company cruises with staff and franchise owners
  • “Mandatory Fun” days where we leave work early and go to sporting events
  • Countless potlucks that inspire whole families to interact
  • Dress up parties for Halloween, July 4th and other holidays…and 80’s Day, Superhero days and others just for fun
  • Lunch for all full-time employees almost daily

To further extend the impact our culture has on employees, we are moving into a brand new 44,000 sq ft building this fall that will allow for employees to be much more comfortable in their work environments. Whether it be window-offices, offices in general (as some were previously in cubicles), a larger lunch room, larger conference room, etc. The new building will provide for a much more comfortable work environment, thus, happier employees. - Michael Plummer, CEO of Our Town America, the nation’s premier New Mover Marketing franchise

Source: Huffington Post , written by Yitzi Weiner

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