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Personal Care Business Our Town America

Capture Fresh Clientele With New Mover Marketing

Flourishing in the personal care industry isn't just about offering top-notch services — it's also about capturing the right audience at the right time. If you’re seeking guidance on how to market your personal care business and expand your clientele, ...
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Veterinary Practice Revolutionized by Our Town America

How New Mover Direct Mail Marketing Can Revolutionize Veterinary Practices

When families move to a new area, one of their top priorities is finding a trusted veterinarian for their beloved pets. Pets are not just animals — they’re cherished family members. As a veterinary practice, you have a golden opportunity ...
Loyalty Programs vs. Customer Acquisition

Loyalty Programs vs. Customer Acquisition

A successful restaurant business strategy balances both customer acquisition and retention efforts as they are equally important. New Mover Programs aim at customer acquisition, while loyalty programs focus on retention. Here are a few reasons why restaurants should consider customer ...
Gifts vs Discounts Our Town America Marketing

Gifts vs. Discounts: Crafting an Unforgettable Brand Experience

Imagine you're a discerning customer faced with two choices: Business A offers a run-of-the-mill discount, while Business B surprises you with a personalized gift. In this battle between discounts and free gifts, it's the latter that prevails as the true ...
Automotive Marketing Ideas 2023 Our Town America

Rev Up Your Automotive Marketing: 5 Tips for Gaining New Customers

The automotive/car care industry is constantly evolving and, to stay competitive and retain a robust customer base, car dealers and aftermarket repair shops need to make strategic marketing decisions. Lets explore effective car care business marketing tips to drive traffic ...
Dominate the Pizza Market Our Town America New Mover Marketing

Dominate the Pizza Market: Unleash the Power of New Mover Marketing

To secure a bigger slice of the thriving pizza market, it is crucial for pizza marketing programs to target new residents with a robust and strategic New Mover Marketing campaign. A Timeless Dinner Staple: Originating in Naples, Italy during the ...
Informed Delivery Our Town America

How Informed Delivery Can Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns

Our Town America leverages Informed Delivery to revolutionize your direct mail efforts and provide you with a distinct technological edge. Informed Delivery is a powerful and cost-effective marketing concept designed to help you attract loyal customers and drive sales. What ...
The Power of In-Person Marketing Our Town America

The Power of In-Person

While online ordering and digital ads undoubtedly have their place, in-person shopping and traditional marketing techniques remain a powerful, immersive experience. The In-Person Advantage Staying current on the news, finding directions, and completing a shopping list can all be done ...
Affordable Marketing Ideas Our Town America

Affordable Marketing Ideas for a New Year

To cope with high supply costs and above-average inflation rates, implement affordable marketing ideas designed to add loyal customers and boost profits. Businesses were hit hard in 2022 as inflation reached record rates, gas prices shot up, and supply costs ...
Marketing Trends Our Town America 2023

Implement These Six Marketing Trends

Marketing trends can help steer your company’s strategic direction and enhance the customer experience. Learn more about New Mover Marketing and other latest marketing trends as you start planning for 2023. Economic Trends Impact Marketing Strategy Cooler temperatures and shorter ...