Our Town Digital Ads

Our Town Digital integrates direct mail marketing with the most effective channels to get the best results.

Keep your ads in front of customers while they're on the internet & social media.

Supplement your mailings to increase brand awareness.

  • Increase Conversions
  • Serve ads to your target market
  • Retarget website visitors with ads on Facebook, Instagram or Google
  • Call Tracking
  • QR Code Tracking & more!


Repetition is key to effective marketing. When visitors leave your website, they will continue to see your ads on other websites that they visit as well.


92% of people access social media daily. We will deliver your ads via social media before and during your mailing. By delivering your ads on the newsfeeds, you have a good chance of seeing an increase in conversion rates.


DATA MATCH (coming soon)

Using our data match technology, we can provide you with a list of visitors to your website. This allows you to track your campaign more effectively and allows you to reach more of your website visitors.


ROI tracking to gauge the success of your mail campaign, our white glove service.