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See how our new mover lists generate new customers for you every month

Our New Mover Marketing Program for your local business keeps customers coming through your door — and coming back for more. Make an amazing first impression on new residents and they’ll be customers for life.

We also offer Postcard Marketing. We do campaign setup, design and printing in-house, and can use your mail list or mail without a specific list. Send to potential customers or current customers and even target by various demographics.

1. The First Mailing: Your Gift Certificate in Our New Mover Welcome Package

New Mover Welcome Package Our Town America

A free one-time use gift certificate to new movers for a product or service of your choice. We design, print and mail it for you. Each month, your business’ gift certificate arrives to the homes of new residents and new homeowners inside our personalized Welcome Package from the community. Our new mover lists are the most accurate and most current resident mailing lists in the industry. Your gift goes to qualified new residents most likely to redeem your offer.

New movers perceive your welcome to the neighborhood gift as authentic hospitality, – not advertising. That’s the beauty of it. Our Welcome Package is refreshingly different, and we have the feedback to prove it! Our Welcome Package for new residents has been market-tested for over 50 years with proven open rates from new customers who take action.

Our New Mover Welcome Package has brought success to all kinds of businesses in countless communities. We have businesses who have been partnered with us for 20+ years. 

2. Second Mailing: ‘Thank You’ Postcard to New Movers Who Redeem Your Gift

Our optional second mailing is a custom-designed, full-color postcard sent to a mailing list of new residents who redeemed your initial new mover gift certificate. We take care of design, print, and mailing for you! This feature is included for our annual business sponsors at no extra charge! This postcard is an incredible way to thank new movers and invite them back with an additional offer if you choose.

New mover services

Our New Mover Marketing Campaign Is the Smart Choice for Your Business

Category Exclusivity for your Business

Exclusivity for your business

We partner with only one business of each type in any ZIP code for our Welcome Package. If you’re a pizza place, yours will be the only pizza place in your chosen ZIP Code’s Welcome Packages.

You lock out your competition. Not only will you be the only business of your type welcoming new residents and new homeowners each month, you can fine tune your ZIP Code targeting by choosing an area as small as one ZIP Code or as large as the entire country!

Innovative Tracking and mobile app

Apps for iOS and Android devices help you keep track

Our TruTrak® system records redemptions of your New Mover gift certificate and triggers the optional ‘Thank you’ postcard to those respondents. From SponsorWeb, you can check your activity, survey feedback, and measure demographics.

Tracking results is important, so we developed a revolutionary way to see activity and check your response. See just how many New Movers have been welcomed each month, broken down by ZIP Code. Use messages, invoices, and redemption lists to help refine other marketing efforts.

Fresh Audience of New Movers Every Single Month

Pinpoint new movers every month, automatically!

Up to 20% of the US population moves each year and, because they are new to the area, they have no established habits or loyalties. That’s where your business comes in. New movers have immediate needs and tend to spend more than an established resident.

Our unique New Mover Marketing program makes it possible for you to target a broad, new audience every month. Our proprietary software estimates response rates and maintains a high level of accuracy to avoid wasted coverage and maximize your advertising dollar. Reach a different set of new movers every month – before your competition does! New movers are nobody’s new customer… yet. Let’s make them yours today!

Discover how new mover marketing works for popular industries:

Discover how new mover marketing works for automotive sales and service

New customers every month for sales and service milestones.

Find out how dental practices acquire a new set of customers every single month!

Practices acquire a steady stream of new patients.

Finding a new grocery store can be a top priority after a move.

Supermarkets are highly sought after a move.

Discover how barber shops and beauty salons make new mover marketing work for them!

Barber Shops and Beauty Salons
Get new clients to your shop every month!

Find out why leading veterinarians choose a new mover marketing strategy!

Pet Care
Leading vets choose our marketing strategy!

Make your pizza shop stand out from the rest with our new mover marketing program!

Your shop is unique- Make it stand out from the rest!

Discover how restaurants, diners and taverns find success with new mover marketing

New customers will make your restaurant a success.

New mover marketing works with nearly every industry!

Other Industries
New mover marketing is a great fit for numerous industries!

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