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We care about the needs resulting from your move. It’s important to us to introduce you to reputable businesses who can fulfill those needs. If you could help us learn more, we may better serve future movers. Because of your generous help, we are offering an opportunity to win a $3,000 check or $3,000 towards a 3-day cruise for two, including airfare.

Simply complete this survey and you will automatically be entered in a drawing held each January. Winners will be notified by e-mail and/or phone. Good Luck!!

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New Mover Welcome Package Housewarming Gifts From Your Neighborhood Our Town America

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Features & Benefits For New Movers

  • Save Money By Using Welcome Package Gift Certificates
  • Get to Know Local Businesses in New Neighborhood
  • Get Entered into Yearly, Quarterly & Monthly Contests
  • Get Engaged with Fun Social Media
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New Mover Testimonials

It was a refreshing feeling to know that there are familiar places close by that I had not realized were there. Thank you, and I will spread the work to many of the places that I frequent in the neighborhood, i.e. dry cleaners and pharmacies that are not yet listed in your mailing. Again, keep up the good work.
Marie Blevins-Labuda – Orange Village, OH
This helps me get comfortable in my new neighborhood. Also, I found that since I was a first time home buyer I never just got the free stuff. I was buying other items in the stores too. i found the tools I needed and the minor items that I just never get around to buying.
Douglas West, Woodbridge – VA
I thought it was very nice. We never received a welcome package after our other 3 moves, so I appreciated that the businesses in this area cared enough to welcome new ones.
Michael B. McKenna – Ramsey, NJ
I was surprised. I didn’t think they had “Welcome Wagons” anymore. It shows it’s a caring community. Thank you very much.
Sverak Household – Phoenix, AZ
“Great! It’s nice to know there are businesses in the community reaching our to newcomers!”
Elizabeth Berkman – St. Petersburg, FL
You sure saved us time in finding great places to do business. Thank you!
William Davis – St. Petersburg, FL
No more Subway, now that you’ve introduced us to Blimpies! We never had tried them. We can’t wait to try the other businesses you recommended!
Carrie Willis – Atlanta, GA
We have never seen such a wonderful welcome like this in our past moves! What a great way to find good places. Thank you.
Robin Cook – Seattle, WA
I love Hair Crafters! I was worried about finding businesses to replace my favorites. You’re a BIG help!
Inga Sullivan – Tampa, FL
Thank you for your kind and generous welcome. We will try all of the businesses you recommended and patronize them as often as we can. It’s great that businesses welcome people like this. Keep up the good job! Thanks.
James Coring – Houston, TX