Could USPS’ Informed Delivery Service help your Business Reach New Customers?


Our Town America and our partnered local businesses would like to welcome you to the neighborhood!

Some of the best local businesses in your area have asked us to invite you to be their guests. Housewarming gift certificates to these businesses are waiting for you in your mailbox! We hope they help you feel at home.

After you've redeemed any of these offers, come back to take our New Mover Survey for a chance to win $3,000! 

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Learn more about this Welcome Package in the short video below:


What is Informed Delivery?

Are you a business looking to increase your ROI on your direct mail marketing strategies? If so, Informed Delivery could be a catapult to get you there.

Informed Delivery is a notification service offered by the United States Postal Service that allows users to view their mail electronically before it physically reaches their mailbox. Users can preview the mail they will be receiving conveniently from their cell phones or computers without having to worry about spam mail!

Informed Delivery is a great way to make consumers aware of the offers they’ll be receiving, and an even better way to increase traffic at your business. An online dashboard will display pieces of mail for several days so users won’t miss a thing, and the best part? Informed Delivery is a free service.

How Does Informed Delivery Work?

After signing up for the Informed Delivery service, users will receive an email with a preview of the mail they will be receiving. By sending an email notification letting users know what will be in their mailbox, businesses have an increased chance that consumers will open their direct mail piece. You can even do an associated ad campaign tied to Informed Delivery that can further promote your offerings.

Our Town America’s New Mover Welcome Package reaches new residents in your community and brings them through your doors by sending housewarming gift certificates via direct mail with various free offers to local businesses. People love a warm welcome and, as our decades of history show, it often results in them establishing loyalties with the businesses they’re welcomed by.

What Are the Benefits of Informed Delivery with Our Town America?

Once signed up for USPS Informed Delivery service, Our Town America will send the new movers on your mailing list a video notifying them that they will be receiving their Welcome Package shortly. By sending both physical and digital mail, there’s a higher chance that consumers will view their mail and, when they do, there’s a good chance they will look forward to receiving gift certificates with free offers to local businesses such as yours.

To sign up for the free Informed Delivery service, visit

Know of a great local business who should be in our Welcome Package? Refer a business and if they partner with our New Mover Marketing program, we'll send you a $50 Visa Gift Card!